Awesome Weekend

We had a great weekend with my brother, Kevin. He happens to be my favorite person in the world (other than my husband of course)!He drove up from Chesapeake yesterday morning and we had a blast all day! John, Kevin, and I went to the VMI basketball game which we very sadly lost (not our fault, horrible horrible horrible refs)! The team played their hearts out, but we had some bad luck. Oh well, as one cadet's sign read "we're still #1 ... you're still #4"! After the game we all drove down to Roanoke for Starbucks and Thai food at our favorite little "hole in the wall" restaurant. We had planned on going to the movies but since we didn't see anything appealing on the list we just drove back to Lexington and went to Blockbuster instead. Back at home, we watched "Catch Me if You Can" with a GIANT bag of sour patch kids, a bag of starbursts, and a package of twizzlers. I popped some popcorn (homemade on the stove ... the only way to do it!) and a 2 liter of rootbeer made the ensemble complete. All of this = the best day ever! :) Can't wait for Kevin's next visit ...