first day of blogging!

Well, here I am ... a new blogger! I hope I am able to keep up with this because it seems like a really neat idea. John and I are excited for the new year - we are expecting God to do big things in our lives, and are anticipating some major changes. For now we are enjoying the last of John's Christmas vacation, which also included our birthdays (my 25th and his 28th). We had a blast on the 31st celebrating John's birthday and New Year's Eve with some '04 brother rats. It was so nice of the basketball team to win for us too! Last night we had a fabulous date - night in Roanoke to celebrate my birthday. We went to see Marley and Me, which only made me want a dog even MORE!!! ... one day .... :).

As some of you may know, I suffer from a condition called Endometriosis. I had abdominal surgery in September and it really took it out of me! I am still recovering from surgery (crazy as it sounds - it can take up to 6 months to fully recover), and today I started a series of monthly injections to shrink the remaining lesions in my lower abdomen. I am hoping that this will ease my pain and give me a little better quality of life. The medication is a tough one, though - so I would appreciate your prayers over the next 6 months! I am also attempting to go gluten free, as this is also supposed to help with my condition ... it's going to be hard - wish me luck!