Keeping our hope in God

I am so proud of my husband!! Yesterday he received his acceptance letter the the school of divinity at Regent University! Even though this isn't too much of a surprise (I knew he'd get in) it is still a huge relief and excitement to us! Our home went on the market 2 weeks ago and we are continually reminding ourselves to trust God. He has always been faithful to us and we know that He has a plan in all of this "chaos". I still find it hard to believe that I'll be leaving my home in Lexington this summer. Our prayer now is that jobs will open up for us both at Regent. This would be a huge blessing, and we're hopeful that it is in God's plan. I am learning more and more about trust everyday. Each morning I wake up and dedicate the day to Jesus. As with everyone, most days have interruptions and events that I wasn't expecting, and I have to give it over to God all over again. The temptation to worry about our move (selling the house, finding a new home, getting jobs, and such) is very strong. But, the only result of worrying is an extremely stressed out Lauren! As Jesus said "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" Matthew 6:27 I've learned that if I pray and surrender it all to God he will work it out, and I can calmly and peacefully go about my day. :) God provides food and shelter for the birds in the air, and clothes the lilies in the field with splendor - and He loves John and I infinitely more than birds and lilies! Right now we are just praising God for blessing us with this acceptance letter to graduate school, and keeping our eyes on Jesus as we continue into new territory. Thank you for your love and prayers! Keep praying - we need it everyday!


allisyn said...

i stumbled across your blog...and just thought i'd let you know that i love it so far! God is amazing, isnt He?
hope you are recovering well! I just had a laparoscopy in Dec for endometriosis...so i know exactly what recovery is like :)
God bless!

Lauren said...

Thanks so much for reading - I just pray that God glorified through my life. It's all because of Him! I hope you are recovering well, too! Hang in there!:) Blessings to you Allisyn!