An Amazing Sunday

 I have been blessed with the most wonderful husband in the world! He is truly a man after God's heart. John was given an opportunity to preach in our church yesterday morning. The whole thing started with John asking to share a brief testimony a couple weeks ago. Before we knew it, Chap (our pastor) had asked John to preach on the 3rd. Leading up to Sunday John was getting increasingly nervous about preparing a "sermon" to give. The sermons in our church usually last about 45 minutes to an hour. This was a big deal!! However, on Saturday morning we both prayed together about it and immediately felt peace from God. John felt led to just tell our story. God has been working in our lives in extraordinary ways, so much so that telling the story is a sermon itself! So that is exactly what John spent an hour sharing with our chapel yesterday morning. The three main "themes" were: It's not about religion it's about relationship with Jesus; GRACE (God has poured grace into our lives in huge measures); and the faithfulness of Jesus. These three things have been woven into our life together over and over again. It was so precious to watch my husband share his heart and the gospel to a church full of people. He wasn't nervous at all and was able to clearly communicate his thoughts. He told me later that at one point during the "sermon" he realized that his mouth was moving but it was God who was talking! Amazing - God just used John as a vessel for his Holy Spirit! God did huge things yesterday and we are already enjoying the first fruits of that! God is so GOOD! I find it extremely merciful that God would allow people to look at us and see the power of Jesus. Without Jesus we would not be here, we would have no story to share, and we would have no purpose in life. Thank you God for saving us and for the immense honor of being used by you!

After church we had a chapel lunch and then we headed down to the river for baptisms. I cannot explain the feeling of watching brothers and sisters being baptized in the name of Jesus. It was so moving. 14 cadets made that decision, and 3 other people as well!! John had the honor of assisting Chap in the baptism of our good friend Karsten (next years regimental commander). It was beautiful. I am just so thankful to God for making such wonderful days!!

Psalm 118:24