Walk By Faith

   Last night I had the privilege of hearing a Taiwanese cadet lead my women's Bible Study group in worship. Cadet Wang came to America less than 3 years ago to attend college at VMI. He knew very little English, and he was not a Christian. A little over a year ago Wang came to believe in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior (the story is amazing) and his life hasn't been the same since. Last year, in our chapel service, Wang saw us all worshipping God through music with our hand held high and our voices ringing out praise to God. He realized the profound importance and thought to himself "I want to be able to worship God like that." So, Wang walked to the music store in town and bought himself a guitar. He went on YouTube and taught himself the songs he found there. He also taught himself how to sing in English from YouTube! His favorite song is "Walk By Faith" by Jeremy Camp. Wang performed it for us last night, and I noticed many of us were in serious need of a tissue by the time he was done! Before he sang, Wang shared with us the verse that the song is based out of. Proverbs 3:5 - 6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths." 

Will I believe you when you say 
Your hand will guide my every way 
Will I receive the words You say 
Every moment of every day 

Well I will walk by faith 
Even when I cannot see 
because this broken road 
Prepares Your will for me 

Help me to RID my endless fears 
You've been so faithful for all my years 
With the one breath You make me new 
Your grace covers all I do 

well I will walk by faith
even when I cannot see
because this broken road
prepares your will for me

   This song means a lot to me, too! I have found myself questioning God many times over the last few years. I've walked a path that I wouldn't wish on anyone else, yet God has made it beautiful for me. It's been a tough road, and I have struggled to understand why God would let me go through this. BUT - I am walking by faith - because God holds the map. He is the potter and I am the clay. He knows the plans He has for me and He is leading me on in His will. At the end of my life this will be my story. What has made no sense to me will be a beautiful testimony of what God has done in my life and I pray that it would bring glory and honor to my King. All we can do is keep putting our hand in the hand of Jesus and walk with Him by faith. Then, when we go Home, we will hear (BY GRACE)"Well done, good and faithful servant!" Matthew 25:21