New Design! & Then Sings My Soul...

Hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday! I want to give a very big THANK YOU to Jill who gave me the wonderful blog "face lift" ... you can find her at my design site and take a peek at some of her beautiful creations there! All her work is for a donation to help children around the world either through Compassion International or through helping to fund an adoption. She does not receive any payment herself except the fun she has being creative and the joy she gets from helping children around the world! If you're wanting to get a blog makeover please go see her - she's fabulous!!

I chose Brad Paisley's "The World" for my Then Sings My Soul Saturday. I normally wouldn't go with a secular piece, but I heard this song on the radio this week while I was in the car. I had heard it before, but this time I was listening to it as if God where singing those words to me. I got very choked up realizing that He loves me out of millions. I was also feeling really insecure this week for a specific reason... I have been looking for a job for about 6 months. I've sent out my application everywhere (well, not really - but a lot of places!). No one called me back - no one would give me a chance. I truly felt like "just another girl" in a world of billions. But, as I listened to the lyrics of this song I felt like God was telling me "you're one in a million to Me!" Then guess what? The next day I got an email that a particular office wanted me to come for an interview! I had my interview yesterday and it went really well - God clearly orchestrated the whole thing! I will find out Monday whether or not I've been hired. I really want the job - it's something that I would enjoy and be really good at. But, even if I don't get it, it was wonderful to be given a chance --- a confirmation from the Lord of how much He loves me! :) So enjoy the song and, while you're listening, think of God singing those words over YOU!

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For more "Then Sings My Soul Saturday" head on over to see Amy here!

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Faith Imagined said...

I am in love with your blog! It is wonderful!!! I will be praying about your job!!! Please let us know ASAP!!!!

Erica said...

Love the blog makeover! Interesting to think of the song like God is singing it! I've done that with a few slow love songs, but never with something upbeat! Sweet! I put up a country song today too.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Lauren!

That new header is wonderful; I love the message. My husband was looking at it, too, and mentioned that he liked it and it is just the way he feels all the time.

I am sorry to hear you were hurting and so glad to know how God touched your heart and showed you His love.

I have never heard this song before, but listening to it with God in mind the singer, it is a precious message.

I sure like that cute heart by your name at the end of this post.


Susan said...

Hi Lauren,

So nice to meet you. Your blog is beautiful. What a neat ministry.

Praying you get that job on Monday!

I can see why God used this song to minister to you.

Have a blessed weekend♥

Alicia said...

Hi Lauren!! What a blessing that she does makeovers for this wonderful cause!!!! It's a win win situation!!

Can't wait to hear about the job!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kristen Love said...

Hi Lauren,
I will be praying for you- I know the right job will come along for you :-) And I love the song!

Jhona O. said...

Thanks for sharing your heart! I liked this song!

Karen said...

I enjoyed this song....love your blog!

Angelika said...

Thanks for sharing this song, Lauren. Yes, I find that he talks to me through secular songs and movies, too ... actually He grabs every opportunity to talk to us at any time.

Thank you for passing by my blog and leaving your kind comment.

praying that your job hunt is over and that you're in full action ministry in your new work place ... ministering the love of God, just by your presence there!

Debra said...

Hi Lauren,

Nice to meet you! Your blog is great and I was blessed stopping by here today.

I'll wait to hear the update on your job on Monday.

Blessings to you!

Mich said...

Praying as you wait to here about the job...

That Brad Paisley song always makes me smile, especially when my husband plays around and sings with the radio. Thanks for bringing a smile my way.

eLisa said...

Very cool! Very fresh! Fits you perfectly!


Mocha Momma said...

I like the new look. Congrats on the job interview!! God is kind of funny like that isn't He? He knows when and how and what we need. I love that.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Have great weekend.
Nannette @Life: Be In It

Cathy said...

Your new header is wonderful. I love Jill's designs for my blogs. Praying you will get the job ~

alihsee said...

Beautiful new blog design! :)

I hope you get your job - He is in control.. what a comfort!

Blessings :)

3 Blessings said...

I am praying that you get the job. I know that God has wonderful things planned for you. You are a blessing!

Have a beautiful evening!

Manuela said...

Hi Lauren! I tagged you in a Sixth Photo challenge. Please come visit my blog for the rules.


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I am so glad you stopped by to visit me!

I pray that you get the job if it is God's will for you. I love how you have put your faith in Him and are fine either way. To see such spiritual maturity in a young woman is so refreshing!

Many blessings on you and your family,