Thankful Thursday

 This is a perfect time for me to reflect on the blessings in my life that I should be thankful for! I am feeling really stretched as we navigate through a particularly stressful time in our lives. So, what better time to remember God's faithfulness, right? 

  • I am thankful for my husband! He loves me unconditionally every single day and I am so incredibly grateful that God chose me to be his help meet. He has truly blessed me with a wonderful man of God and an amazing spiritual leader.
  • I am thankful for my church family and my in-laws church family. They are beautiful friends who lift us up in prayer continually and they are such a blessing to us!
  • I am thankful to be moving back to the beach! I have loved the mountains... but God knows that I am a beach girl at heart. I didn't know if I would ever get to return to the ocean and the sand, but God did... and He is the giver of all good gifts. 
  • I am thankful that my sister picked a gorgeous bridesmaids dress for me and cousin to wear in her October wedding. (we have really different taste in clothes and I was nervous about this one!)
  • I am thankful for my friendship with my awesome brother, Kevin. He is such a neat person, blessed with extraordinary talents. Humor is one of them. He makes me laugh every day and I love him more than he could ever know. 
  • More than anything I am thankful that I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I am thankful that He loves me and has a plan for my life. I am thankful that even though we are a little nervous about the future - God is already there. He knows the plans He has for us. He will provide for all our needs (maybe not our wants, but definitely our needs). I am so thankful to be called His daughter... that I can call to Him "Abba, Father!" Thank you Jesus for giving me LIFE!

What are you thankful for today? I hope that this encourages you to "count your blessings" - trust me, it's good for you! I feel better already! To read more about the ways God is blessing me click here. To join in the thankful thursday fun visit Laurie here

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."
James 1:17


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing your blessings. You're so right that counting our blessings is good for us: it's easy to get distracted by the negative things and forget how abundantly we're blessed.

I like the image you've chosen for this post and I like the background on your blog, too. Earlier this week I was looking for a new blog design; if I'd seen this one, I probably would have chosen it. :)

LAURIE said...

Beautiful TT post! "Count your blessings one by one" - reading your grateful heart this morning reminded me of that song! Keep singing His praises. -Laurie

John said...

I am thankful for my bride. You are breath to my soul, and you make everyday birghter and brighter. How could God make someone like you for me ... somone who loves me so much? It makes me realize how much more God loves me, and how He delights in provding for his children. And realzing that makes me fall even deeper in love with you Lauren, because I can only truly love you with His love; He who loved me first. See you after work!

MyJourneyBack said...

You lured me back! LOL thanks for deciding to follow I hope you are Blessed. I loved your thankful post. How Blessed you are to be able to be close to family. And wow how cool you like the dress. Aren't weddings funny! I am glad you are going back to the beach. I totally understand I/we spent some time away from Texas and when we got the chance to come back we took it. Enjoy the beach again and I'll pray for a peaceful transition.
Have a Blessed Day,

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

It does feel so good to Thank God, doesn't it! And to know that God goes before us and makes our paths straight!

P.S. I want to move to the beach! ^_^

Denise said...

I really enjoyed your thankful post sweetie.

Debbie said...

Hi, I think this must be my first visit to your blog. How cool to be moving back to the beach. I live in the mountains but grew up on Long Island, across the street from the water. And I know how you feel. I miss the water too but appreciate the beauty of the mountains. I love your thankful heart and post today. Happy TT!

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

I really think your blog is beautiful...I just came back to read some more!

Rita T. said...

Great list! I love the background here on your blog. It's beautiful.

Ohilda said...

I'm thankful you stopped by my blog! :)

We serve an awesome God who is so worthy of praise and our thanksgiving. Thank you for the reminder.

Sherrylinn said...

Beautiful list, thank you for sharing your blessings with us.