Caffeinated Randomness:: Sowing and Reaping

"A man reaps what he sows... Let us not become weary in doing what is good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."
Galatians 6:7,9
It is so easy for me forget the eternal importance of my every thought, word and deed. Yes, Jesus Christ died for my sins! I am forgiven and eternity is settled for me - He has prepared a room for me in heaven. But, what I do while on earth still matters!
There is still this system of sowing and reaping. If I sow in anger, I will reap bitterness. If I sow in love and compassion, I will reap joy.
What we sow is a daily choice, and I am saddened to say that I do not always choose correctly. I am becoming more and more aware of this process as time goes on and I begin to reap some of what I have sown in the past. Not all of it is good. I did my thesis in college on St Francis of Assisi - this man fascinates me! The prayer he submitted to God is the same I find in my heart today:

"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy."
My hearts desire is to be a woman of God and in this life sow the good things that will result in a reaping of the fruits of the spirit "love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self - control" Galatians 5:22

May we all be encouraged and motivated to live a life sowing for God so that HE may reap the harvest in the end! It's all about Him - and His Glory - forever and ever. Amen LET US NOT GROW WEARY!

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Kari said...

Great post. It is amazing how we want to be more aware of our actions and choices when we realize that we are receiving a harvest on what we have sown. Unfortunately, many people can't see that what is taking place in their lives is a result of seeds they have sown, so they never set forth to change things.
His correction is wonderful and makes us better individuals.
Good read for a Friday morning.

Andrea said...


kara with a k said...

Thanks for posting this today Lauren! I've been battling feelings of weariness lately. I need the reminder to keep sowing good.

Alicia said...

I, too, have walked in my flesh oh so many times!!

Thank you again for posting another encouraging post, Lauren!

Leah said...

Such a beautiful post. I really love it. :-D I stumbled across your blog and am so happy I did. Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by. :-D

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh yes...I knew that, but on a daily basis, sometimes we forget that everything and every action is a reaping and sowing process. Thanks for the reminder.

Amber said...

great post thanks for sharing:)

alihsee said...

Amen chicka! :) Blessings as you face this weekend!

Katie said...

Hi Lauren, Thanks for all your sweet comments. You have a lot going on don't you? I have moved many times if you need any advice ask away. You will have a church home so that is huge and you will make friends right away. That was the hard part for me was not knowing anyone. You are so sweet..

Kristen said...

This is beautiful!!

crittyjoy said...

Marylin Meburg spoke on this topic this weekend at Women of Faith....this is a wonderful reminder.

Thank you for sharing this.

Mocha Momma said...

I finally caught up to where you are now. Sorry your brother went off to college. I imagine he felt the same when you got married.

God is looking after both of you. He will do fine and have fun and learn a lot at college, just like you did.

It's a good thing you like to move. You might be doing it a lot being in minsitry.

Take care and God bless you and your loved ones. You are surely loved by your family.

Mocha Momma said...

Another reminder from your sweet heart. You seem to shed light on such pertinant things for me.

It's clear to see you are walking the walk and sowing good seed. Thanks

I have the Neno award for you, Lauren. Come over and pick it up when you get a chance.