Yield Your Heart to the Lord

There seems to be a recurring theme in my life right now. Yieldedness. God seems to be reminding me to yield my heart, my life, my plans, and my dreams to Him. It’s everywhere I look! I hear about it regularly and when I crack open a book – there it is! Yield your heart the Lord. Give your life as a living sacrifice. It’s a wonderful, beautiful, scary, hard lesson!

John has been laying the foundation for the “theme” he is hoping to build the Youth Group on. The theme is “Yield, Believe, Love” … “yield your heart to God – believe in the One He has sent – love God and love others.” During the lesson on yielding John read from Joshua. It’s the passage that contains the well known verse “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord…” But all around that verse is an amazing banter between Joshua and the Israelites! He’s asking them to choose who they will serve. They come back and say they will serve the Lord. He says “No! You can’t serve the Lord!” and they say “yes we want to serve the Lord!” Finally Joshua says “fine, then you’re witnesses against yourselves that you’ve made this choice.” Then comes the wonderful verse, “Now then," said Joshua, "throw away the foreign gods that are among you and yield your hearts to the LORD, the God of Israel." Joshua 24:23 We believe what Joshua is communicating in this passage is that we cannot serve the Lord unless our hearts are fully yielded to Him. Without a life that is yielded to the Lord, we have no hope of being able to serve Him.

Yesterday Pastor Rieke preached about the church in Thessalonica. They were a great little church with many wonderful examples of how they were exemplary in acting as the body of Christ. They stood firm in the face of much suffering and persecution. Pastor Rieke said that a church can never be great unless it is yielded to God … and yieldedness is not optional if you are going to be a great Christian. He used a great example in the morning service that people tend to think that God is their little helper. We think that all we do is so very important and God is our little helper that comes in to assist us. But this is not so!! No, all that GOD does is so very important, and we are honored to come in and be HIS little helper. What we do is not important – what God is doing is of the greatest importance. We need to yield to Him and His work.

This has caused me to think more about how I can yield my life to the Lord. I do not want to yield just one part, but I want to yield every single aspect of my being to Him. There are major things in my life I must yield. I believe that I have yielded my desire for children to God. I have placed that dream into His faithful hands and have given up control over that area. God can do what He wants with that. I need to yield my unsaved friends and family to the Lord. I pray for them and their salvation. But, the burden is not mine to bear, “I roll that burden on Christ,” as Hudson Taylor would say. There are many little things that are waiting to be yielded to God. I am probably unaware of many things that need to be fully given over to Him. It is my prayer that God would make me aware of any area in my life that is not yielded to him, and that I would obediently lay it on the altar.

What about you? What do you need to yield to God? Will you join me in giving yourself to prayer every day to seek how we can serve Him?

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I am yielding (and have been for a long time) my ideas about how God should use me for his kingdom. This, alone, has been a long learning, friend, but I'm finally to the point of letting it all go and placing the reins back into his hands.

I just want Him; everything else is gravy!

Yielding with you today..


Alicia said...

Amen, Lauren!! That is my prayer too. I hope that I am surrendering everything to Him. It's a battle w/ our flesh to want to be in control.

Mich said...

Great post! something we all need to do daily, yet it can be so hard at times.

I am at a place right now, where I am not happy with what I am doing as far as work, yet I realize because of certain circumstances this is where God wants me for now. giving over control and being happy in that can be hard.


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Wonderful post Lauren.

Yielding is something that we as Christians never get through learning. It's a process that we go through as we grow and we never stop growing!

christy rose said...

Wow! This is an awesome post! Recognizing and yielding our lives to Him is so hard when we do not realize how much He loves us and desires to give us all that we desire. It is hard to let go when we think that we are not going to get what we want. I see that in my own life and in my children's lives when they are not getting something that they want. Yielding only gets easier as we get a greater revelation of God's unconditional love and desire to bless our socks off. As we see Him for who He truly is, we can trust Him and then we can yield everything to Him, knowing that our lives are going to be better off and happier because He knows us better than we know ourselves. I am preaching to myself here. :)
Thanks for sharing this today. I really was blessed by what you wrote.

crittyjoy said...

What a blessing to read this....as well as a challenge! This is something I am going to be intent on. Yielding to His ways not my own. I get a little stubborn sometimes :)


He & Me + 3 said...

Your posts always bless me. It is often that I find myself fighting instead of yielding. It is my prayer to yield.

Franchesca Cox said...

Lauren, this is so incredibly true! It reminds me of what the young ladies' sorority at my church started out with. It is called Delta Chi, and it is based on the Word of God. The first lesson they wanted us to "get" was submission. Your post on yielding is an echo of that lesson I have somehow forgotten. Thank you for the reminder to live that yielded, surrendered life. It is SO true how we get to thinking God is our little helper, but really He is the One that makes anything amount to anything in our lives. Thank you so much for your words. They are so true and I needed them.


Steve said...

Thanks for this post. I need to yield my past to Him. There are somethings in my past, that I just have not let go of. He has forgotten, pray that I can. God bless

Anonymous said...

Girl, I am going through the same thing. It's not so much my desires but my attitude about things. God is constantly reminding me Who is in charge and that I need to be dying to myself ALL THE TIME. It's tough. It hurts. But it will be better when He's completed the work, right? :)

Manuela said...

Hi there!
This morning I have read this on CWO:

If it is good...do it! Train your heart and your body to yeild to a faith focused mind.

So I thought about your post!

Happy friday!