caffeinated randomness: New Blog Design and Excitement

Hello my fabulous readers! So ... you've probably noticed the totally awesome new blog design!! BIG HUGE GINORMOUS thanks go out to Danielle aka The Design Girl! I think she is doing an amazing job! There are still a few more things coming - like an awesome new button and a cute signature ... plus a couple more buttons on the navigation bar. But, overall it looks fantastic ... I'm in love with my header! : )
Also, you may have noticed that I changed my title from Walking By Faith ... to Living By Faith. If you read the verse in my new header you will see part of the reason. Obviously you know by now that I love Jesus and I love His Word and this matches His Word a little better. But it goes beyond that... I have been really dwelling on the difference between the two phrases. I know that both are beautiful - but "Living By Faith" feels a little more all inclusive. It's more than just walking ... taking steps of faith. It's still having faith when God has called you to wait - to be still. It's living in faith when you're not sure what to do next so you stand still waiting to hear from the Lord. It's having faith in Christ when you don't feel like you're walking forward - but perhaps falling backward! Living By Faith can be much harder than walking in it. It includes every single moment of the day. As long as we are drawing breath from the air we are called to have faith.
God has led me through many seasons in life. I've had seasons where I've been running just to keep up with what God is doing. I've had seasons where I've waited until I thought there couldn't possibly be any more waiting ... then I was asked to wait some more. I've had seasons where I've felt like a failure and seasons where I knew I was claiming victory in Christ. In all of these times I've held tightly to my faith in Christ - it's the only thing that has kept me going. These are the reasons I've decided to change my title.

Soooo ... we've got exciting things going on in our lives right now. God is so much bigger than we are - and this is one of those moments we're running to keep up with what He's doing!!! I'll share in more detail next week -- until then PRAY FOR US!!! : )

And go see Andrea to get your jolt of caffeine today! : )


Alicia said...


I know how exciting it is to get a blog makeover! Yours is wonderful! I agree..Danielle is AWESOME! She did my blog three times! Love her!!! And I love your new blog name!

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

Love it! It's gorgeous! And I like your new verse too - I think it really brings out the all-compassing nature of following Him. :)

Franchesca Cox said...

Lauren, the new blog design is awesome! Reading your blog is refreshing, just thought you should know that. I agree that living by faith is harder and more intimate than walking by faith. "'Living By Faith' feels a little more all inclusive"... so true. I was just reading about the woman who touched the hem of Jesus' garment and because she had faith that she could be healed. Then Jesus recognized that as virtue. Somehow that connection of faith and virtue never crossed my mind before. Anyway, sorry for the rambling, your post reminded me of that story. I will definitely be praying for you this coming week!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I just love it Lauren and am so anxious to hear all that God is doing in your life!

T. J. Knowlton said...

I love your header, too!!!

I am so glad that I read your post. I have been blogging about the waiting part. Living in Faith...that is what we do. Love it, Lauren. Thanks for your words.

Barbie said...

I love it! When I opened it the page just jumped out at me.

Lauren said...

I love you, your new design, and your new title. I am also praying for you!!

Andrea said...

It's beautiful - I love it! All of it!

He & Me + 3 said...

Everything is perfect. I love what you changed the title too. Can't wait to hear your news.

Sarah said...

Hi Lauren! Nice to "meet" you, too! Thanks for stopping over and leaving such a sweet comment! Your new blog design is just darling! Love it! :) My hubby and I are missionaries to Berlin, Germany. Lord willing, we'll be there this time next year! :)

crittyjoy said...

Love, love, love your new design! It is gorgeous!

I also love the new name :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kelly said...

I love your new design! It's amazing!

Hope you have a great weekend.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, I love your new look; loved your old look. Love both titles... it really all comes back around to faith whether we're walking it or living it! They cannot be separated.

So excited for you and your husband and your continuing lives at the beach. I'm looking forward to the days ahead and what our God has in store for your precious young lives! You are "living" a good witness, sister.


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I love the new look!!! And I love the new name. It fits you. Good job! I also enjoyed reading the post about you. It's nice to know a little bit more about you. BTW, you are a great writer. Keep up the good work!

Linda said...

Hi Lauren,...I became a follower today. I like your new look,...it is very "fresh and clean".

Hop on over to my blog if you get a chance and enter a drawing I am having for my 100th post.

I am giving away Randy Alcorn's book ~~Heaven~~

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Kristen said...

I LOVE the layout!!

jenny said...

Just began following your blog! I love that the Lord puts other bloggers in my path to encourage me! I hope that you are encouraged today!

Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts

Victoria said...

Loving the new look and name! Off to switch your button now...=]

itsybitsybrianna said...

Your story my dear has just touched my little heart!!!
It's so inspiring. I am only 22 years old, but I know know know that in my life one day, I will have an adoption story of my own. Thank you so much for blessing that precious child with such a wonderful family!
I wish you and your husband the very best life, and I know that God will continue to bless you in ways that neither of us could EVER even comprehend.