About Us

 We are the Casper's - a family bound not by blood, nationality, or social norms... but by never-ending, unconditional love and the grace of God. The three of us together are a great team and a happy little trio.

John is the leader of our home. He is our provider and spiritual mentor. He leads with a gentle voice, a loving touch, and lots of prayers. John is a full time youth pastor and also a full time seminary student. His days are quite full but he always makes time for one more hug, one more laugh, lots of play and lots of late night talks. He is an amazing husband and father. Our little family would be lost without him.John has a deep passion for the Lord and sharing the gospel. The unreached people groups of the world are always on his heart.

Lauren (that's me!) is the manager of the home. I am the cook, cleaner, shopper, accountant, boo-boo fixer, diaper changer, snuggle giver, and taxi driver. Come to think of it, John is all those things quite often too! (Told you we were a great team.) I am blessed to stay home with our little boy. I love being involved in discipling our youth group girls. I have passion for orphan care and consider it an honor to work with different ministries that send resources all over the world to care for orphans and the impoverished.

Mareto is the delight of our home. He is our pride and joy. Mareto brightens each day with his infectious smile, little giggles, occasional babble, and constant new tricks and discoveries. He was born in Ethiopia in September 2010 and brought home with us forever in February 2011. We cannot imagine our lives without this incredible blessing from God.