Fundraising Friday: GIVEAWAY #1!!!

I've decided to do a series of giveaways to help raise money for our adoption! I will host these giveaways every Friday for as long as I can (or until we raise enough). All you have to do is head on over to the side bar and click the donate button. Donate whatever amount you feel led - then come back and leave me a comment letting me know that you did. For an extra entry post about this on your blog (feel free to take our adoption button in the sidebar to lead folks back here) and then come back and leave me a comment letting me know!  And now for the goodies ....

#1 This four pack of quilted Christmas coasters were made by yours truly and they're a perfect stocking stuffer, hostess gift, or festive way to adorn your coffee table!

#2 Rachel @ Musings of a Future Pastor's Wife has graciously offered a free blog design!! She does beautiful work which you can see on her blog here, on my family blog here, and on Lois Lane's blog here. Isn't she amazing??? You won't want to pass up this chance to give your blog a makeover!!

Please remember that every penny donated goes toward our adoption of our sweet baby boy from Ethiopia! You can read more about how we came to this decision here.


He & Me + 3 said...

Oh I donated the other day. What cute coasters and the blog makeover would be awesome too. Good for you raising so much money. I am glad to see the numbers just growing.

Kristin said...

Awesome coasters! So neat!

Well, I posted and donated yesterday, so sign me up :) LOL!

I love seeing the numbers go up on your "amount raised" too! So awesome! If you want, I can donate something for your giveaways. Just let me know and I'll make something special :)

Alicia said...

I plan on donating and also buying coffee!! I will do that on Monday when I have more time!!!

Franchesca Cox said...

I love your new button! I am going to add it to my blog! My hubby gets paid next week and I will be able to donate then =)

Jean Stockdale said...

Dear Lauren~I read you comment and had to laugh-I am a "shoe person" as well!

I entitled my study on Ephesians High Stepping in Heavenly Places because I wanted to teach women how to walk by faith and "look good while doing it." Of course it takes more than a great pair of shoes!

I can tell from your blog you are a busy lady but if you can join in our online study, we would love to have you. You can download the study notes, watch the DVDs, download podcasts, and interact online with other moms. There is no charge for any of this. If you would like to purchase the workbook go to my website at www.jeanstockdale.com and we will get it off to you.

In January we will be offering "Run Well. Finish Strong" which is a study on 2 Timothy about how to live out a life of faith. It will be offered in the same way with DVDs, study notes, and a workbook if you want to purchase it. We would love to have you join in.

I have been teaching MOMS for 20 years and began to write and publish my studies to reach moms outside my church. This fall we began to offer the studies online as well. So came and study with us if you can. Blessings.