To be content is to be satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.

Can you say for sure that you’re there? Can anyone? Have you reached true and complete contentment? I would love to say with Paul, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances” Philippians 4:11. The truth is that I am fully content in many areas of my life. But I haven’t reached 100% full contentment in every area. I am working on it, and I will probably still be working on it until the day I die. I would guess that’s the case for most people. Let’s lift each other up in prayer and not cast judgment on our neighbor. I’ll start the ball rolling – here are the areas where you can pray for me:

  • I wish I was a full time housewife again and struggle with working full time.
  • I wish the wait for Tucker wasn’t so long.
  • I wish I had more time to invest in my middle/high school girls at church.
  • I wish I had a dog.

Now it’s your turn – how can I pray for you?


Darla said...

hmmm, maybe I can help you see the bright side with two things, lol. Looking at the bright side always gives me a contentment boost. Pregnancies are LONG, so are adoptions...even tho' they may be a bit longer, either way, it's quite the wait!, it provides a wonderful amount of time for parenting preparations & reading etc. Then there is nothing like the elation of reaching the end! Trust me, it's worth the wait. (I'm sure you know that tho'!!!)
For the second...dogs are overrated, and I am definitely a dog person! I've always had my own dog growing up, and we had one recently...too much of a pain, esp if you are working full time, and then when you have kids. It's a lot easier to go on with life sans pets, I've discovered for me anyway. In many ways, I hope I never have a dog again, but I'm sure that will not be the case.

My areas of struggling with discontentment - wishing I had a bigger home to accommodate homeschooling better, etc. & wishing I lived closer to family, or had more money so I could travel more often.

"Content whatever lot I see, since 'tis my God that leadeth me"

Debbie said...

I am learning the lesson of contentment as I go through a very difficult season of loss. The life I've known for many years has been turned upside down. But in the midst of it all, I am learning some of the most important lessons of all. God is good and God is faithful. And I am learning it first hand so I praise Him in the midst of the storm.

Please pray that my loved ones would see the strength that I have through this storm comes from my relationship with the Lord and ...not from me. And that in the process they would also come to have that relationship with the living God through Jesus too.

Thank you for sharing on this topic of contentment today. It was so timely and I will pray for you.


Tina said...

HI I am a new reader of your blog. My name is Tina and we have recently finalized our adoption for our baby girl from South Korea. Now God is really tugging at our hearts to adopt from Ethiopia. I find inspiration from your blog. Thank you for sharing your heart.
"children are a gift from God, our Korean adoption journey and every day life"

Wylie said...

I am praying to believe God more, so I can experience God more. To keep at the frontlet of my mind & be ever grateful for all that He has done & that He is going to do.

Kristin said...

I can relate to this Lauren. I seem to always be looking for the next big goal in life, and I have been feeling God speak to me lately and telling me to be content with my role as a Mom....to see it for the huge job that it is and to be the best at it that I can be! Sometimes, I feel like I'm just not doing enough and I forget I'm doing one of the most important jobs in the world!

I will pray for you! You can pray for us because lately I've really been feeling like we maybe are supposed to adopt too. I just don't know!

3 Blessings said...

This is one that I too struggle with, but life has gotten much easier to be content with since God has opened our eyes to so much true need. I have to remind myself daily just how blessed I am and thank God for each and every blessing even during the tough times.

Anonymous said...

Contentment is hard - I'm still learning this one, especially when it comes to our house. But I'm getting there. There's nothing wrong with our house, it's just not our dream house. But I've decided to learn to be content here and make it our dream house. Eventually!

Jim and April said...

I agree with you...many areas of my life I am content...especially after God called us to adoption and settled it in our hearts how He would bring us our first child! However, i truly don't think we will be completely content until we see our Savior face to face!

Things I would like but only God's knows whats best for me:

An at home transcription job so I can be at home when we bring isabella home from Uganda!

Brookie said...

* I wish I were a full time wife and didn't have to work full time.
* I wish I trusted God to bring me a husband in His time.
* I wish I was not envious of married women
* I wish I was not hurt by their comments of frustration with marriage - all I see is that they are living my dream. I wish I were not blinded by my own hurt that I cannot support them and love them where they are.
* I wish I was not sizing up every male in my life as to whether I think he could be a potential husband.

Thank you for asking, Lauren. That feels nice to admit. I am struggling at present.

crittyjoy said...

So of Brooke's frustrations are my own. I long to be a wife and Mom. My dream job would be a stay at home Mom. It's hard to admit that in this day and age but oh how I would love it.

I so understand about that contentment thing....I am trying but at times it is just so very hard. Sometimes it is the fact of being the surrounded by those very things you think could bring you contentment. But deep down I know nothing but God Himself can bring me that.

Sigh. I am working on it :)

Praying for you sweet friend.

Amber said...

It's hard to be content sometimes, especially when you are waiting to meet the child you already love.

I do have a prayer request. Our formal interviews with the social worker for our adoption were last week and we should find out this week if we are "accepted" to begin our foster parenting classes. Please pray for us to be content with where God leads us through this process.

Praying for you as well!

Faith Imagined said...

Great post! Contentment is something I need to daily work at!

I'll be praying for you especially bringing Tucker home! If you get a chance I would love for you to pray that I find an agent for my book!

Thank you!!!

-Alisa Hope

Alicia said...

I agree, I think contentment is something many of us need to work on. I have to remember that His grace is sufficient!!

I wrote down you prayer requests in my journal. The more we seek Him, the more our hearts will be in tune with His.

You can pray for me to keep my devotional life a priority and for any distractions to hinder that.

Jayme said...

* I wish I was a full time house wife.
* I wish that I was content with the fact that I'm not RIGHT NOW and 100% content in my job
*I also long for motherhood
*I wish that I had friends at my new Church that I was as close to as those from Chapel
*I wish to be a better example of Proverbs 31

Peace said...

Hi Lauren,
I am a new follower to your blog and want to thank you for the time and effort you put into it. Sharing with us makes us stop and think about where we are at.

On your desire for contentment. Are you sure that contentment is the right word? Do you KNOW that you are where God wants you to be right now? Do you KNOW that He works all things for the good of those who are called to Him? If the answer is yes as I feel it might be, then isn't THAT the greatest contentment?

The rest is just our humanness which is Ok. Jesus was human. He can relate to wanting more more...

I have seen God do amazing things in my life and I know He'll continue that because we are His works in progress. He will forever call us to a new level of His love and understanding.

These times of waiting and wanting are the times He asks us to turn to Him and trust Him and have Him fulfill us.


He & Me + 3 said...

I just need a bit more patience with those around me. I will pray for you friend.

Meg said...

I was just reading a few days ago about choosing happiness and contentment in all circumstances. We cannot control what goes on around us, how people treat us, or our current situation or environment, but we can choose our attitude. this is a big challenge for me right now! God is giving me opportunity after opportunity to surrender to him and to choose an attitude of contentment and peace. Specific areas of prayer: not knowing Karsten's report dates for AF training and waiting on that, not having a nursing job, preparing for marriage knowing that we will have so much time apart in the beginning. I am thankful that God is preparing me NOW with these challenges, and desperately want to grow and trust Him in these areas. I want to be a woman of patience and characterized by peace! I'll be praying for you for these things as well.

Tracy said...

I love that you asked this, Lauren. I am looking at these each woman's heart, knowing that although our areas of discontent are not the same, we still have this common struggle.

I prayed for you as I read just so I would not forget. My prayer is for a miracle to bring Tucker straight to your arms. Hang in their, girl!

Prayer: I have just spent time with my family, so I need decompression.

Did you see your cows?