CR: so random I don't know how to title this!!

Sooo… as it turns out, the dentist office in the building of our doctor does NOT have a notary. Bummer. But, we had our appointment with the doctor on Tuesday, and love him! Remember last week when I said that the nurse I spoke with on the phone was super nice and a Christian? Well – turns out the doctor and his nurse are Christians too!! He was the nicest doctor we’ve ever met and he was so excited about our adoption … he congratulated us about 50 times! He said he would be more than happy to sign our forms and to just show up whenever we got a notary … which is today! Yes, I bribed the notary in my office … I gave him 3 kit kats yesterday and we’re taking him to Olive Garden for lunch before we head to the doctor. I still don’t think that shows our gratitude sufficiently – but he’s happy! : )

In other randomness … I have fallen in love with ebay! You can find the most wonderful things there … I have been having a blast searching things like “vintage earrings” and “jcrew dresses…” It’s like my love for etsy, so I usually just window shop and dream! : )

In other other news … please keep my dear friend Brittany in your prayers. (Isn't she adorable???) She is one of the college girls I’ve gotten close with and yesterday she told me she thinks of me as her “mentor” which is so sweet and intimidating at the same time! She has had a heart for Russia since she was eight and is finally making preparations to go there for a 3 week mission trip in the summer. She’s having some struggles in her personal life and things got a little sticky last night. She left today with her best friend to get alone for the weekend and seek the Lord. I am praying that she has beautiful fellowship with HIM and that He would faithfully guide her through this tough time. (I’ve talked her into starting a blog … it should be up in a week or two!!).

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I am a Blessed Guest over at Joanne's today!! Head over here to check out my interview!! : )


3 Blessings said...

Love the kit kats and Olive Garden payment :) Will pray for Brittany.

Kristin said...

Hahahaha!!!! I love that you gave him kit kats and Olive Garden. I would SO do it too for those prizes! LOL!! That is going to be such a funny story to tell Tucker one day! :D

I am the same way about etsy. I love to window shop and I have bought so many inexpensive, cute outfits off ebay for the girls. People always think I got them at our local high-priced boutique. Hee hee....shhh, it's my secret!

I think it's so wonderful that you can be a mentor to Brittany. I will pray for her too!

Hope you have a great weekend!!

Alicia said...

Great way to bribe someone! Chocolate always works! Oh, and lunch too..lol!

I love Ebay! I used to buy stuff on there ALL THE TIME! It is addicting!!

And I'll be praying for Brittany!!

Jenilee said...

Yeah for chocolate! :) Love the random post. :)

Critty said...

Praying for Brittany.

I love the bribes...whatever works right! There is nothing like going to a Christian doctor. My GP is a Christian and I so enjoy talking with her.

Andrea said...

I would do almost anything for free chocolate! ;)

Tracy said...

I have found that bribery works well in most official settings...JK! But, I bet that a lot of us would do a lot for kit kats and the olive garden.

I love young women. That is such a privilege to serve that role in their lives.

Blessings to you!

He & Me + 3 said...

Our pediatrician is a Christian. I love having Christian doctors. Ours prays for us. I love that.
Those earrings are beautiful. Yes, ebay is so fun.
I will pray for miss brittany.

Mari said...

Hi Lauren,
I'm here from Joanne's to meet you. I enjoyed your interview and have enjoyed reading some posts here. My family has been blessed by adoption. I have a niece from China and 2 others from Russia. We can't imagine life without them. I hope your paper work goes smoothly, so that the little boy God has chosen for you can arrive soon!

Linda said...

It was fun that Joanne featured you today. I enjoyed all of your answers.

You are a very encouraging person. Joy radiates from you!

Have a good evening.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Claudia said...

Lauren, It was great to meet you through Joan today. You are truly are a blessed guest and you are obviously a blessing to others. Praying for you as you mentor Brittany. Guiding another as she grows in her faith in God is an awesome experience.

By the way, you have tried etsy.com? I love shopping for unique jewelry there.

momstheword said...

I enjoyed your interview at Joanne's blog today! Wasn't that fun doing it?

I laughed at your twitter, I have a blog and facebook and I got a twitter for that same reason (although I don't use it much).

Love that you're adopting. We have several friends whose families have been blessed through adoption. What a joy to see their children blossom.

If I were a notary the chocolate would have been enough for me, lol!

~ Nan

Kate said...

You can bribe me with kit kats!! So glad you love your doctor!

Jim and April said...

how awesome that you bribed your notary...too cute! So glad your doc appointment went well! We had ours yesterday and they went well too! Thankfully with the country we are adopting from we do not have to have a notary there!

What a blessing that that girl has you as a mentor to look up to!

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

Hi Lauren!
Just stopped by from Joanne's. Great interview - I was up yesterday! So glad to come visit.

My nephew is adopted and he couldn't be loved more. He's 23 now and a wonderful member of our family. May God annoint the entire process as you welcome His little one into your home.

Please stop by Eternity Cafe :)


dada said...

random response to your random post.

My fiance's buddy has a heart for Russia too, and he literally is in the sky now heading to Russia to "check things out" as I type. He may consider short/long term mission there.

Isn't it awesome that God puts these calling on bro/sis and they follow?

with that said, I have a lot of things to learn.

We are in Chicago, wouldn't it be great if your friend and mine get to know each other? But that just sound so weird as it's a guy and a gal. =p

Franchesca Cox said...

Glad to hear that the adoption is going well :) I also look forward to reading your friend's blog! Sounds exciting.