Caffeinated Randomness: Things that make us happy : )

I saw this at Storing Up Treasures ... if you don't follow her blog you REALLY need to! They're an amazing family with a wonderful blend of homegrown, adopted, multi-cultural children! 10 in all! Her love for her kids and love for her Savior comes through in her posts and reading them will make your day! She first did a post about 10 things that made her happy - then liked it so much she had each of her family members do it. Their responses were adorable -- those kids sure do love their grandma!! It was such a beautiful display of blessings and thankfulness for simple things that are only possible because of God's love for us. I just had to do it - and I asked John to do it as well. It's so neat because I made my list- then he emailed me his and we never discussed them ... we just came up with similar things! : ) It will be easy to see that we have a similar passion:

10 Things That Make ME Happy

Snuggling on Saturday morning with my husband
Sleeping in
The Beach
Flowers - lots of them - all over!
Spring dresses and skirts and sandals
Children, adoption, foster care
Living out God's will for my life
The sweet smell of little boys after bathtime

10 Things That Make John Happy

 Falling asleep on the couch with my wife
 Driving with the windows down
Reading as the sun comes ups
Walking barefoot in the sand
Seeing God answer prayer
An unexpected kiss
Witnessing a baptism
Holding a little boy at night after nightmares
Hearing, "I love you."
My job

PS - anyone who is fairly new here and wondering about the adorable twins in the pictures ... they were our foster sons 2 years ago and filled our days with joy and laughter for 3 beautiful months! : )
For more caffeinated randomness fun - go see Andrea!! 


He & Me + 3 said...


those pictures are both precious. I loved your lists...so many great things that make you and John happy. That is awesome that his Job makes him happy. A blessing for sure.

Critty said...

I love this Lauren :) And how sweet are the two of you!

The beach, flowers, and all things spring. Sigh. Now I want to go to the beach and feel the sand between my toes and enjoy spring flowers and a flowy dress with flip flops ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Lois Lane II said...

Love your list. =)

Jim and April said...

oh i love this...i want to do this post maybe in a few days! loved reading what your fav things were!

3 Blessings said...

I love both of your lists and I agree with them all. Just another reason that we were meant to be friends. God knew :)

Have a great weekend.

Kelly said...

I love both of your lists! That is a great idea. I think I may do this with my hubby!

Anna said...

Thank you for sharing both of your lists. HOW beautiful. I listed mine on my "about me" on my blog.

Tracy said...

Why am I stopping myself from crying? I love your lists. John's is precious. Blessed are you! I can feel my husband coming up in a post...ooooohhh!

Annika said...

I love your list and many things on it. We had 2 little boys (ages 1 and 2) we were hoping to adopt. They were with us for almost 4 months. Busy, yes we were, but it was all good! God is good, He's blessed us with 2 by birth and 2 through adoption. I wouldn't change anything.
And can't wait to sink my toes into some warm sand on a Midwest 'beach' :)

RCUBEs said...

That's an awesome list from the two of you. And I gather "love" in each line...Simple. But. Beautiful. A true reflection of His. Blessings.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

those boys are adorable! it must have certainly been a sweet 3 months! i love all the same things that make you happy. except, i'd switch out coffee for chocolate! happy weekend! hope it's great.

Lara said...

I think foster care is one of the most selfless things people can do. To love a child, knowing you don't get to necessarily keep them. Wow, what a way to be Jesus' hands and feet!

jubilee said...

Loved that your husband had a list too. We, in the Jubilant household, all name our favorite thing of the day during dinner. Helps keep us focused on the positive. Just like your lists!

Alicia said...

Like I've said before, you two are such a wonderful couple!

Love the pictures, too! So sweet!

christy rose said...

It made me happy just seeing these pictures and reading this post! :0

Kristin said...

Those are wonderful things to be happy about and I love those pictures too. Y'all are going to be the best parents ever!!

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet - thanks for sharing that today!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

What an awesome idea! I just might need to do this next week - I will credit you both though! LOVE IT!

Oh, Lauren. Those boys. Please tell me they are in good care now. I can't imagine how wonderful it was for them to be with you, to see love and be cherished.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

Jennifer said...

How *sweet* that you both have similar lists! AWW!! :) The photos are just precious... those little boys were blessed to be in your care for those important months!

Katie said...

What a family, my goodness. It is always encouraging to see faith work through people. I love seeing pictures with you and those little boys, know that you served a purpose in their lives.

Kristen Love said...

AWW...tearing up. Y'all both have such sweet souls...your love for the Lord, love for eachother, and love for children really shines through in this post. :-)

Faith said...

I love Friday favorites! Yours are so cozy and simple. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Jayme said...

I still have great memories of you and John chasing the boys around parade ground after/during chapel! Won't be long until your chasing again!!!!

Darcie said...

Thank you so much for the follow a week ago. Just getting back from vacation and wanted to come over and see if you have room for one more follower. ;-)

I look forward to returning soon.