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Home decorating is one of my most favorite things in the world. When I get stressed I love to do some painting or rearranging ... makes me relax and enjoy myself for awhile. Then I get to sit there a survey my work... happy happy happy happy! : ) The next project on my horizon is the kitchen. I've redone our dining room and both our living rooms (yes, we have 2 ... no, I don't know why.) The kitchen is the last thing (other than Tucker's room of course, but we're going to wait until the kitchen is done.) So, given the stressful events of this week in adoption world - I think it's time to start working on the kitchen!

Here are some of my favorite inspiration pictures...
how much do you love the chalk board pantry door?? I adore it!
those shelves with the canisters and such?? love em!
crisp, clean, fresh ... sighhhh
can you say, bright sunshiney day??
this OF COURSE remains my all time fav... super sighhhhh

Do you see a theme? Me too - bright, fresh, clean, and white cabinets!!!! I have wood cabinets ... but not for long! Those suckers are getting several coats of white paint and my kitchen dreams will come true at last! Which pic is your fav? Or do you love wood cabinets? If so, I'm not judging you ... much... : )


3 Blessings said...

I can't wait to see your pics.
Have a great weekend.

Kelly said...

Ohh that's the kind of kitchen I want!!! Love bright fresh white! Can't wait to see what you do to your kitchen!!

I've been praying for you today. Hope you have a good weekend!

V said...

enjoy crisp fresh and CLEAN as much as possible before baby boy comes and turns into toddler boy... because then you can say bye bye to it lol :-P

He & Me + 3 said...

I have wood cabinets, but I love crisp and white. I think it totally makes the color you add to the room just pop. That is why I went with white for the girls room that I just did.
Love all your choices. I love the chalk board paint too. It is great for the kitchen. I am always jotting down notes in there. :)

Kristin said...

haha! I have a cherry wood on mine, but we bought a kitchen table we loved and then when we built this house, we actually picked the cabinets to match the table. Backward, I know! I do love the look of the bright white though....so pretty and cheerful! I am in love with the chalkboard door! Have fun decorating!!

Lara said...

I love the one with all of the canisters. I am a big lame-O when it comes to decorating....if I tried to do that it would just end up looking like I forgot to put stuff away!

Marice said...

those are lovely! :)

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Franchesca Cox said...

The pics are adorable. I really love the second picture it has a vintage feel. Happy house decorating! We are painting some of our house too :) loving it!

Laura said...

What pretty pictures. I also love looking at pictures for inspiration for when we no longer have a tiny apartment kitchen.

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JillAileenJones said...

When we moved into our house we had wood cabinets-ugly old wood cabinets-not pretty cherry or oak or something but really dull icky in need to replacing but couldn't afford to on my husband's teaching at a private Christian college salary cabinets-need I say more?! lol Anyways-I thought ok, I will just paint them. We have a lot of kitchen cabinets-didn't think too many till I had to take them down and sand them all and then sand the base that holds them all-then prime it all and then paint several coats of paint on them all! WHEW! I did one side of the kitchen and it was such a task it took me 6 weeks to get up enough energy to do the other side of the kitchen.
Little tips which you may have already thought of but I will tell you from my experience -take a piece of paper and make a rough drawing of the lay out of your cabinets and then number them on the paper then take a sharpie marker and when you take off you cabinets number them. Once you get them off you think you will know where they go but trust me I didn't do this with the first side of the kitchen and it took a long time to get all the cabinets back where they went correctly. I did do it on the other side however and that made it much easier.
Also, on HGTV I was watching something the other day and they were painting kitchen cabinets and they talked about using boat paint. Didn't know that-apparently it lasts longer-doesn't chip off as easily and it is water resistant so they wash down well-you will need this with Tucker coming believe me-with 4 little ones in the house keeping my kitchen clean is a huge task.
If I can ever get up enough energy to ever paint mine again-the memory is still fresh after only 3 years-I will search out where you get boat paint and do mine that way and see how it works. I do find myself with regular paint having to touch up spots where it has worn off or chipped off a lot.
Happy painting-nice pictures. I think I drive my poor family nuts-I am always re-painting and moving furniture and things around all the time.
Hope you have a great time making your kitchen up to look like one of these-really cute.
Have a Happy Day!
Jill Jones
Pathway to Purpose

christy rose said...

I love all of those pictures!!! They are so cheery!!! I do not have white cabinets but I used to in my old house. We painted them and it made our kitchen so much happier!!! LOL

Critty said...

Such fabulous inspiration photos. I love the sunshiney photo it looks so cheery! I also like the second one...and that door is such a great idea. ;)

Have fun with the kitchen makeover and cannot wait to see photos....what you did to your dining room was so awesome!

Have a great weekend!

Tracy said...

Absolutely, work on the kitchen. It is the hub of the home. Love the pics. My kitchen is natural wood, so judge away. I love your ideas. I can't wait to see what you do!

Caroline said...

I really like the door chalk board! That's a great idea! Makes me wish I had one, it'd be handy for meals, chores and lists!! Or even for school!

Amydeanne said...

i've got white - it's a love hate relationship.. i hate that they get dirty so fast with little kids, but i do lvoe them when they're clean!
happy friday!

Mich said...

Cute inspiration pictures...

Can't wait to see your redo!

Anonymous said...

I'm like Amydeanne - I love my white cabinets for how bright they are, hate them for the dirt and finger prints! But I couldn't go back to wood - white cabinets are just ME. I do love that pantry door, though. I've thought about doing that to mine, but am too chicken!

Jennifer said...

You have such pretty inspiration goin' on here!! We have oak cabinets... hubby wouldn't go for painting them... so we are keepin' them... for now! :) Can't wait to see your makeover.


Joyful said...

I like your inspiration pictures.
I'm your newest follower.

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Melanie Redd said...

How I would love to come and live in your new kitchen! It's beautiful.

Thanks for sharing your creativity!


Annika said...

I love the pictures and ideas. What great inspiration!

joeandbridge said...

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Faith said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog :) LOVE yours!
I especially love the pictures of kitchens - sigh - if only ours could look that way for more than an hour at a time!
I love, love love the idea of painting the insdie of the cupboards a robins egg blue - against the white dishes it's simple stunning!!

Renea Lynch said...

Drool..... *swoon*..... That's all I can say! ♥♥

Katie said...

Yes, love it!! White it so in right now. Clean fresh, bright, whites. Creams (dishes) it is all in big. Can't wait to see what you do.

taralynn819 said...

If you like white kitchens you would LOVE this blog. It's one of my favorites: