Blog Sale Day 4: Books Books books!

Today we're offering some Fantastic books! They're all authored by the most fabulous Christian women and reading them inspires me to be a better woman and grow closer to my God. I am a bookworm, so I had a little trouble putting these up for sale. But, I looked at each one and said to myself "would I rather read this for the 5th time, or bring my baby home?" Duh! I would MUCH rather have Tucker in my arms! So, please enjoy and I'll try not to cry as I package them up...

Don't forget that the proceeds of the sale are going to our adoption of a sweet baby boy from Ethiopia.  So find something wonderful for yourself (or a friend!) and help an orphan gain a home at the same time!

Details on how to purchase items are at bottom of post.

You can click each photo to enlarge...

To purchase an item:   Post a comment on the current day's post telling me which item you would like to purchase. The first person to comment about the item is the lucky one that gets that item!  In your comment, please include a brief description of the item you wish to purchase, your name, and your email address.  (Ex: "I would like to purchase the B. Moss Gold Vintage Lace Dress Gracie, abc@mail.com").  Once we see who is the first to "claim" the item, we will send you an email stating that you're the one that gets that item and that it's ok to pay, along with the total (including shipping).
To pay for an item:  Once you've received the email that tells you it's ok to pay, head back over and click the button below.  It will then link you to the Paypal website where you can use your Paypal account or credit card to pay for the item.  Make sure when you pay for the item that you also include shipping in your total.

Shipping:  After you have paid for the item, please send us (in an email) the correct mailing address that you want your goodies to be shipped to.  We will be shipping out all items from the sale on May 29th. Please note that if you want an item shipped outside the U.S you must be willing to pay more shipping costs. : )

 Happy Shopping! Tomorrow will be the last day of the week long block party blog sale! We'll put up everything that hasn't sold yet, and one new item! We'll pick the winner of the giveaway on Saturday and ship your items out then! : )
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Lara said...

I'm giggling because I have read many of those Karen Kingsbury books and the English Garden series. They're cheesy but oh-so fun. I did that to occupy my mind at the end of my first pregnancy. PS- I've been enjoying some delightful Ethiopian coffee each morning!

Barbie said...

I would LOVE Peace for the Journey! Oh please say I get to buy this one! Thank you!

Monika said...

Hi Lauren,
I would like to buy two books from Karen Kingsbury - "Time to Dance" and "Like Dandelion Dust" and of course I will pay bigger shipping fee, just tell me how many :-)

Carrie said...

I would love When Joy Came to Stay!

I love Karen's books and am so behind in reading them!

Sarah Ann said...

I have read ALL of Lori Wick's books and was so excited to see them on here! :) PS - I blogged about your sale! I hope this week's sales really help!

Chloƫ said...

I'll take Pretense! Me and my mom love Lori Wick and I envision this as a great family vacation read!

And to make it easier, you can just ship it with the dresses in one box. Just let me know how much extra shipping to pay. :)


Madeleine said...


If the Tucker Mills Trilogy is still up for grabs...I would love to have it.

And I am Chloe's mom. :)

Chloƫ said...

umm can I make an exchange? LOL.

Apparently, we already own Pretense, and I'm a little bit of a loophead.

Do you still have that WWII book that I saw up here? I'll swap for that one if you do, and someone else can take Pretense. :)

jenn said...

i think i have all of karen kingsbury's book...i just love her writing.

like you said...they inspire me to be a better christian woman =)

bless you in your of adoption.

new follower!!

Joyeful said...

I'm such a book worm, too! Well, I was a book worm!! I'm sure I'll have time to read again one of these days!! : ) I've read almost all of these by Lori Wick!! I don't think I ever read Sophie's Heart, though.

Put me down for that one!

lasturch said...

My name is Lee Ann and I would love a few of the books, if they are available...


1. The Princess
2. Pretense
3. Every Storm
4. Bamboo and Lace
5. Just Beyond the Clouds

I am so sorry if I am being too greedy... My friend and I read and exchange books, and I thought this would keep us busy for a couple of weeks... Please let me know if I have requested too many...

Lee Ann

Together We Save said...

Wow - wonderful collection of books!

Anonymous said...

Oh I would love that Lori Wick set English Garden Series!

I look forward to hearing from you.



elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Your book is in the mail! Thank you for supporting Lauren and for your interest in my book. I pray it is a blessing to you and that, through it, you'll find...

Peace for the journey~elaine

He & Me + 3 said...

I wish I had more time to read. I have books on my shelf collecting dust. Boo hoo. great sale. This is so fun.

Anonymous said...

Checking in and wondering if you got my payment and shipped the books yet?