{Miscellany Monday}

 Today I thought I would link up with Carissa for Miscellany Monday! 

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} VBS was a blast - my husband was the villain and they made him look super creepy. A mom told us that her little boy woke up at night crying because he was afraid the "mean candy man" was going to get him! (the theme was under the rainbow... a cross between candy land and the wizard of oz.) He was okay the next day when she showed him that it was really just "his friend Mr. John." haha poor little guy! But seriously, wouldn't this face scare you too?

{2} We've started a new tradition with some of the teens in our neighborhood. Sundays we g to skinny dip after the evening service and then back to the house to play wii for a couple hours. Then we put in a movie and have popcorn and soda. At midnight we make a run to Wendy's or Taco Bell... last night we had everyone out by 2am. I think we might have to make a midnight or 1am deadline for future weeks! Thankfully Monday is our day off - so we sleep in!

{3} We got our new unofficial number on the wait list on Friday ---- we are in the SINGLE DIGITS FINALLY! Yup - #9!!!

{4} Speaking of adoption... my beautiful friend Amy just picked up her baby boy in Ethiopia this week! I am so overjoyed for her that she finally has Elijah in her arms! He is such a cutie!! Go leave her some major congratulations here

{5} I've been praying about how I can get more involved in the community. We plan to sign up to foster parent again, but want to wait until Tucker is really settled in at home. I'm looking for some way that I can help out before Tucker gets here. Do you have any ideas? Here's a couple I thought of: Crisis Pregnancy Center, Food Bank... do you have any more? What do you think would be a good fit for me? I want to get my hands dirty!

Alrighty - it's time for me to have more coffee and then head to the BEACH!! Have a fabulous Monday!

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Chloë said...

no. 2 sounds SO FUN! Can I come next week?! :D LOL.

And no. 9?! Hurray! Your so close now!!

And I was pretty good about keeping my eye out for community opportunities when we first got here, but now I've been slipping to the wayside. Let me know what you eventually decide upon! Maybe we can do it together. :]

Chloë said...

You're**** so close now. I can't believe I made that ugly mistake. Yuck!

Can't wait for tomorrow! :D

Simply Me said...

new follower :)

Missie said...

I really need to get more involved with church, you guys always have so much fun!

He & Me + 3 said...

Have a great time at the beach. I would say a soup kitchen...we are yet to go to one but that is on our list.
You all are awesome youth leaders. keep up the good work.
Congrats on single digits. Woo hoo.

Natalie said...

wow yes your hubby does look creepy : ) i bet he had so much fun!
yay for single digits! tucker will be home before you know it!!

Alison said...

I think you should go volunteer at the crisis pregnancy center..I used to do that on a weekly basis before I had my kids...I loved it!! I think you would too!

Studio JRU said...

#9... WOO HOO!!

I saw the photos of Elijah on Amy's blog... he is just SO adorable! :)

Headed to the beach? I wanna come too! ;)


Amy said...

Single digits!! Yay!

I think the Crisis Pregnancy Center suits you, but I can see you helping out at a food bank, too! Our church does a craft day for nursing home residents, and they love it! That may be too much for you to try to organize, though. A lot of times, they just enjoy people sitting & listening to them, though.

Venessa said...

Congrats on #9! And I hope that you had a wonderful time at the beach. I would love to be at the beach!! Enjoy your day!


Jim and April said...

#9 woohoo! love it! btw...your husband totally looks like a cartoon villain...looks awesome! he reminds me of the villain in the meet the robinsons movie.

Joyeful said...

#9!!! This is moving right along!! I'm so excited!!!! I just saw little Elijah and I couldn't stop crying!! These are God's kids!

I just love you and your husband's heart for the young people! You are such a wonderful example of Christ's love and I know you are making an eternal impact on them!

God's been stirring me up, too, Lauren. I haven't read Radical yet, but I've been reading another good one along the same lines called "The Hole in Our Gospel" by Richard Stearns. I've really only read the first chapter, but it seems to be exactly what God is doing in my heart--leading me to the poor, to the opressed, the orphaned, the neglected and needy. He's breaking my heart and it hurts. I just want to be led by Him.

Honestly, your love for Jesus will leave an impression on hearts and lives no matter where you go. You can serve in a soup kitchen and bring sunshine to hearts in need or you could comfort women with the same comfort you have received from Jesus. His love will flow from you, Lauren, no matter what you do!

Alicia said...

Yay...#9!!! How exciting, Lauren!!!

LOL, yes, your hubby looks like he played that part well!

And I can totally picture you volunteering a crisis pregnancy center. You have such compassion for other women!!!!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thanks for joining! : ) i'm so happy for you guys - yay for #9!!! i can't wait for you to get tucker in your arms! praise Jesus! i think you could get involved in the crisis pregnancy center... i think your testimony would be powerful to women there.

Warren Baldwin said...

Involvement in the community (and this is a great idea, I'm working on that, too) - Relay for Life; elementary school mentoring program (my wife and daughters are in that one); coach a youth sport. These are some my family does. wb

Kristin said...

Woo hoo......you're getting so close now!!! I was so excited to see those pics of Elijah! I will be so excited to see yours of Tucker too!

I think you will be a blessing, no matter what you do. There are so many great causes out there to get involved in, it's hard to choose. I say just pick one that you're passionate about and let God do His work through you.