why fall is my favorite...

what do you love about autumn?

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Whitney said...

It reminds me of getting married. :) The cooler air...the leaves changing...the smell of everything...the overwhelming desire to bake...I just LOVE fall too! :)

Linda said...

I love all of the things in your pictures...and I love going on drives and seeing all of the colorful trees around town and taking pictures of them.

I love Thanksgiving and it comes in the Fall. There is just such a warm atmosphere in Autumn with the candles glowing... and the fireplace can be lit too. Then I can snuggle up to the fireplace and read a book!

Jim and April said...

i love wearing sweaters/sweatshirts, i love being outside around a bonfire with friends/family drinking hot cocoa or hot apple cider and doing s'mores! I love hayrides and pumpkins and beautiful colored leaves. I love the breezy air. I just love everything about fall!

twolittletots said...

I love the fall colors, the chilly mornings and evenings...sweater weather! The sounds of the leaves, the sunsets and just the change of season. I don't think I could live in a state that didn't have the change of seasons...I just love them...my body needs them!

Kelly said...

Candy Corn!!

Jes said...

My favorite thing about fall would have to be the cool morning and evenings. I do have to say the cool weather makes me love wearing sweaters. The leaves changing, hot apple cider by the fire pit on a cool afternoon, and the beautiful colors... I could go on and on..

I luv my Life as a Wife and Mommy said...

I LOVE fall!! I love everything about it!! Wish it wasn't 88 degrees here today!!


The leaves falling
Fall candles
Fall decorations
Family gatherings
Pumpkin patches
Fall Festivals
apple cider


Kristin said...

I love pumpkin spice candles and coffee! :)

e-Mom said...

"Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower" ~Albert Camus~(French novelist, 1913-1960)

Your photos are gorgeous!

Kate said...

The smells and colors!!

Debbie said...

I love everything about it, EXCEPT
what follows it Winter.. Nice post!

Wild and Precious said...

there is not one single thing that i don't love about fall!!!!!!

Critty said...

Autumn is my most favorite thing ever. The weather. The leaves. The drinks and comfort foods. The clothes. The boots. The festivals.


I love it all!

Caroline said...

I love it all. Fall is my fave season of all time. (Also got married in the fall) I especially love the smell of school starting, like crayons and pencils. I sometimes wish Schuyler would make me a pencil bouquet for our anniversary but, alas, nothing like it has happened yet. Ha ha ha ha. :)

Warren Baldwin said...

Cool weather
Changing colors
Falling leaves
Fall sports

Fall has always been my favorite.

Thanks for the email. I replied about the book and guest post. Wondering if you received it. Doesn't seem like my emails are getting through.

Neat pics, but the way. wb