thanksgiving - it's a personality...

It's been really hard to think of anything but Tucker for the last 11 days... so it's been even harder to blog about anything but Tucker this week! Ever since we saw his face he is ALL I think about! I sometimes just go sit on the floor in his nursery and look at his pictures. I just like to be in there. It makes me feel closer to him. For those who may not have ever experienced this feeling - it really IS possible to miss someone you've never met... and I miss Tucker BAD!

So, because my brain is pre-occupied with my little boy, I decided to go to blogthings and have a little fun. I love November. It's a great month and Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays ever! :) I think it may top Christmas for me! :)

After taking the quiz I learned....

Your Thanksgiving Personality is Thankful

At Thanksgiving, all you want is a warm bed to sleep in and a home cooked meal to eat. As long as you have those things, you're grateful.

You're able to rise above any of the stress or drama associated with the holidays. You are just happy for what you have.

Whether it's been the best or worst year of your life, you take this day to count your blessings... no matter how small they might be.

And if possible, you try to help someone in need - anyone from a hungry stranger to a lonely friend.
The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings

It's pretty much 100% right on... except for one part. That part about me rising above drama and stress.It's true that I am genuinely happy for what I have. BUT - I hate drama! I really do. It stresses me out. My husband and I are probably 2 of the most NON dramatic people in the world. Think laid back - and then multiply that. I avoid drama like the plague. But when it's forced on me (like in family settings) I get super stressed and usually go home and cry. Then John tells me everything will be okay, and life moves on.

I love the part about whether or not it's the best or worst year ever I can find things to be thankful for. It's true - but the only reason that is true is because of Jesus Christ working in my heart. I've had some pretty tough years recently, but because of God's love for me I always have much more to be thankful for than not... and because of His work in me I find that I am even able to be thankful for the bad/hard things in life. They've taught me valuable lessons. They've taught me patience, trust, and how to lean on Jesus. They've strengthened and matured my walk with my husband and the Lord. They've made me a better person - more loving, giving, and certainly more compassionate. 

So this year I think I am the most thankful for the things that have been the hardest in my life. That includes having to wait to meet and bring home Tucker. Because I know God is going to use these time to prepare my heart and our home. I know that this time of waiting is going to make me the best mother I can be through Christ. That makes it worth it.

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Ketcham Family said...

Been reading your blog... praying for you!

Critty said...

I love Thanksgiving too! It is one of my favorites!

I understand what you mean by missing someone you've never met. Praying you get to hold him soon. His timing is always perfect....and there is beauty in the waiting (or some I am told) :P

We have the same Thanksgiving personality :o)

Love to you my friend.

Kristin said...

You are going to be the best Mommy ever!!! I am so excited and praying for the Lord to give you peace during this waiting period. I can't imagine how hard that must be!

Alison said...

So thankful you have your sweet Tucker's picture to look at this Thanksgiving!! :)

twolittletots said...

I just took the quiz...and I think I like your answer better...I am Foodie! I think it is only because we host Thanksgiving every year...so I am a little bit of a stress case about the food!

You are going to be a great mommy!

Jim and April said...

I remember laying or sitting in Isaac's nursery before we got the call, and I would lay there and look around and dream and pray for him and so yes i totally understand how you can miss someone you never met...one of those days I was sitting in the nursery even packing up the diaper bag for fun...was the day we got the call!

My heart seems similar to yours when you talked about the whole drama thing and how we can rejoice even going through bad things/trials because of how the Lord is working in us! love ya girl! so excited for you to meet your baby boy!

Kara said...

What a great and meaningful post! I came over from T&J - your work is beautiful!

leemeandthegirls said...

Adoption is such a beautiful thing. Praying for your family and for precious Tucker. :) I hope the next few weeks fly by for you and your family.

Monique said...

I found you on the tatertots and jello blog. My husband and I are opening an orphanage in about two years, we can only dream that people who love God and these children will give "our" kids permanent homes!!! God Bless you as you go through this process (and beyond!!!) I am going to subscribe just to keep up with it :)