URGENT: walking through it together

 One of the greatest blessings of this adoption process has been meeting new friends that are willing to walk with you through this crazy journey. We have made so many new friends that are just like family to me now. It is such an honor to know these people with hearts as big as the world. What initially surprised us is that most (certainly not all) of these people were families adopting themselves and working hard to fundraise. There is no spirit of competition and they give generously of the little they have. We've never come across the attitude of "hey, I'm saving for my own adoption so I can't help you out." It's been so humbling to experience these families give from their hearts and then say things like "We know how hard it is, hope this little bit helps," or "Here is a small donation - wish it was more." Seriously, it's changed my whole outlook on what it means to be a brother and sister in Christ. It's made me want to reach out and give to others as well, in the midst of our own efforts to raise money for Tucker. 

There is a family who is in DESPERATE need of help. They are adopting from Ethiopia as well, with a different agency. They were told that if they don't come up with $4,000 by tomorrow that their file will be closed! They are selling Christmas CD's for $10 each on their blog and have a goal of 650 CD's in 24 hours. The husband is a former member of audio adrenaline... so you know it's going to be a good CD! I just bought mine. PLEASE consider stopping by their blog to purchase a CD or just flat out donate. 

Will you be one of 650???  That's what this Christian thing is all about. Walking with one another and giving of the little we have. If you seriously can't give - then please spread the word on your blog or facebook or both! 

Click here to read more and purchase a cd or make a donation.


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