catching up

 We're finally all healthy here at the Casper house! I still have a small cough, but that's no problem and should go away in a few weeks. Being so sick means being wayyyy behind... on everything! Housework, grocery shopping, phone calls, letters... way behind. I've been keeping up with the Poppie Lane orders pretty well because people depend on me to get their items there by Christmas. But, this week is catch up week for me. I've got a couple special people to call (Grandma and Heather - I will call you soon!) I've got laundry to wash, dry, and fold. I've got thank you cards to write and now I need to decide if I'm even going to attempt Christmas cards this year. Christmas shopping is slowww going. We're shopping with a cause this year, so I've been able to do a good bit online. BUT most of our gifts will be homemade because all our money is going to bring Tucker home. We're heavily involved in our church Christmas play and as props manager I can say that I have collected zero props so far... and the play is in less than 2 weeks. : / Now that I think about all I have to do I'm tired ... maybe I'll just take a nap and hope that it's January when I wake up! :) just kidding... a little...

So, catch up on the blog: before I got sick we had a wonderful date day in Williamsburg. We drove through the most beautiful country (suffolk, smithfield, and surry) to get to the ferry boat. We took the ferry over to yorktown. This would be the second time in my life I've ridden a ferry and it was so fun! The timing couldn't have been more perfect because the sun set just as we got on the ferry and our 20 minute ride was beautiful!

 Then we went to the Yankee Candle Factory to look around and experience Christmas and indoor snowing!

 We ate dinner and had the most wonderful time before driving back home. :)

Also in November: a church baby shower that was so much fun and a huge blessing! A free bathroom makeover that I'll post about soon! Plane tickets purchased for Ethiopia (we leave January 12!!!!) and a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

Sooo - how've you been??

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Jenny said...

so glad you're finally on the mend! i've been very sick since thursday night and it's NO fun! feeling better today though! hope you catch up with everything soon! i'm going to try to do some of that myself, today!

Linda said...

Lauren I am hoping you will be feeling much better real soon. We want you to be feeling top notch by Jan 12th, that's for sure!

I am so excited for you to meet your little Tucker.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

4 Blessings said...

So glad you are feeling better. Don't stress about getting it all done, just knock out one thing at a time. :)

It will be time to see Tucker before you know it. I am so excited for you.

Mary S said...

Skip the time and stress of Christmas cards. Send "He's Here!!!" cards early next year instead! :)

Lara said...

Oh, Virginia!! I'm so jealous. And that picture of you is gorgeous too. I'm glad you're catching up and well again. In a way, it's good that you're busy so you don't get AS antsy about Tucker coming home!

Natalie {Extraordinary Love} said...

life is so busy right now for everyone it seems! i hope & pray you can get everything done that you need to : )
You leave so soon for Ethiopia! How exciting to have your plane tickets bought-what a milestone!

Brandon and Kari + 1 said...

HOw exciting your next month will be as you anticipate leaving to get Tucker. I actually found your blog on Lovin Much and loved reading your story. We are actually adopting too :) Blessings!!

Alicia said...

Sounds wonderful!!! Can't wait to hear about the bathroom makeover!!!!

And how exciting..January!!!!!!!!! That will be here before you know it! I'm so happy for you guys!!