{an *almost* new year and a new plan!}

I can't wait for 2011 to get here - only a couple more weeks!!! There are so many excited things to come this year:

two trips to Africa (my first time overseas... slightly scary, but very cool)
the homecoming of our baby boy (!!!!)
learning how to be a mom (super scary... but oh how I can't wait)
and... a new site for my updated, super awesome, way improved shop!
PLUS ... wait for it... tons of new products and a "for the home" line!! whaaaatt!

Yup - if you're here looking to buy some Poppie Lane goodness, well you're still in the right place! Just shift your eyes to the menu bar up top and click {SHOP}  - you'll be directed straight to the new place to buy your favorite accessories.

Over the last week I've spent hours upon hours switching things over to Big Cartel and making the store look all pretty. Then I spent more hours turning this into a real blog, rather than a shop. I love the new design and I am so proud that I did it all by myself! I ordered a new batch of business cards (ran out a looong time ago) and I'm in the process of completely reorganizing my home office. Hopefully I'll have it all done before Tucker gets home!

So this will now be a place where I'll talk about Poppie Lane products (of course) and keep you updated on new items and sales and such. I might be hosting a giveaway or two as well. Then I will just ramble on about crafting, blogging, inspiration, friends, and life in general. I hope you'll stick around! (maybe even become a follower??)

Check out the new shop and tell me what you think of the new place and the new design here!


Beimnet said...

I'm so happy for you!! And it looks beautiful, definitely made me start looking for something to buy! I also liked how you included the story, and that you'd be partnering with other families after you bring your little guy home. I'm also praying for Tucker from the last post. Numbers 6:24-26 for him :)

Franchesca said...

Ummm... you're blog and shop look AMAZING Lauren!!! Congrats on all you're doing. I read about your little man, and I couldn't comment at the time, but hope he gets better soon.


Heather said...

Yay! Love everything!!! I can't wait to see all the new stuff:-)

Alison said...

Love the new blog!!! I'm definitely following!

Critty said...

I am LOVING this! How exciting...new items but most importantly.... AFRICA and your baby boy!!