prayer request

 I received an email from a blog reader yesterday who asked if I would pray for her nephew. She also asked if I would share this with you all so that many would be lifting this sweet boy up to the Lord.

"Little D" (as we'll call him) is 19 months old. The doctor's recently told his parents that they suspect he has autism. This is of course hard news for any parent to hear. Please pray for Little D, that the Lord would heal him and make him a light to the world. Also pray for his parents. They are not believers and therefore feel they have nowhere to turn. Pray that they would find Jesus through this experience and that he would comfort them and give wisdom. And finally, pray for this sweet aunt of Little D who loves her nephew so much that she would contact someone she barely knows to ask for prayer - knowing that the body of Christ would stand with her and petition the Lord on her family's behalf.

God hears our prayers. He loves us and knows what is best for us. He is sovereign over all. Please please join me in praying for sweet Little D.

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Jim and April said...

praying right now!

Leigh said...

praying for that precious little boy and his family

Madeleine said...

Oh bless them.

My now 20 year old nephew is autistic. I understand the struggle and the pain and the hardship. But I have also seen the joys. The vcitories. And the love.

I will pray for them. I will pray they may see The Light and that Light may bring them peace in the storm.