{my 13 in 30}

With John turning 30 last Friday and me 27 today, I started thinking about those 30 in 30 lists that float around the blog world. You know, the lists people make of 30 things they'd like to do before they turn 30 yrs old. Well I've only got 3 more years, so I don't think it's fair to have to start from scratch, but it would be fun to make a list and see how much I can accomplish! So here's my 13 in 30!

{1} Bring home my son from Ethiopia!!!  

{2} Donate my hair to locks of love (this will probably happen the day I turn 30 since I like my hair long, so I've got a lot of growing out to do before I can donate and still have fairly long hair!)

    {3} Continue to grow Poppie Lane and help several families bring home their little ones through the Poppie Lane partnering fundraiser! 

    {4} Read the Bible in a year 

    {5} Go on a short term (or long term) mission trip 

    {6} Take a road trip out west with my two best boys

      {7} Make Tucker an older brother 

      {8} Finally commit and stick to an exercise schedule

        {9} Be a part of an aiport welcome home party for an adopting family! 

        {10} Get through seminary with John... pray that man through Greek! 

        {11} Learn how to sew something new

        {12} Learn how to make duck breast (because I love it, that's why!)

        {13} Make a flower garden in the front and a veggie garden in the back... and keep them beautiful!

          That's it... I'm out of ideas of things I actually think I have time to accomplish in 3 years.... I think I may have pushed the envelope as it is! haha What's your 30 in 30? If you've reached that milestone, how about making a new one! :)

          PS - FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY OF POPPIE LANE EARRINGS!!! You must like the page to enter!! 


          BARBIE said...

          Happy birthday Lauren. I've already passed the 30 milestone...and the 40. In 6 years I will turn 50. I doubt I will have the energy to do a 50 in 50 list, but maybe a 5 in 50? Ha ha! Have a great day!

          lindsey said...

          Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a fantastic day!

          I turn 25 on Friday, and I'll be debuting my own 30 before 30 list! :)

          Amy said...

          Happy birthday!! Your list is looking good so far! I've already reached that milestone, but I have a "bucket list" of sorts ~ no time frame, but maybe I should set a one for some of them (so I actually DO them)!

          Heather said...

          Happy birthday! Enjoyed reading your list of 30 before 30! Especially #1 and #5!

          Amy Sullivan said...

          First time here. Amazing list and really cool blog. Love your mission.

          Darcee said...

          HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN! (Same COOL day as my CRAZY Husband's) :) I LOVE ♥ LOVE your LIST!!! ...I can't wait to see your sweet SON in your arms (YAY! SOOO SUPER SOON)... and REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY REAAAAAAAAAAALLY LONG hair!!! :)

          Kristin said...

          That is a fabulous list!! Happy Birthday!! :)

          Kelly said...

          I love that you want to keep Poppie Dip going to benefit other adopting families. We are hoping to do the same with our fundraising! I love how the adoptive community supports one another! What a blessing to be a part of it!!

          4 Blessings said...

          Happy Birthday Friend! Lots of love to you. Praying for your sweet boy.

          Alison said...

          Happy Birthday, Lauren!!! Love your list! Hope that ya'll have a great day celebrating!!!!

          Monika said...

          HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!!! Let´s your dream come true and Tucker is in your amrs soon! God Bless You!!!

          Monika and Honza

          Penny said...

          I started one of these last year...and I couldn't think of 30 things, either!!! =) You have some good ideas, though!

          Andrea said...

          Happy Birthday! I'm going to be 35 in two weeks, so I'm a little past 30 in 30! :P But maybe I can make a list of things to do before I turn 40... on second thought, just thinking of turning 40 and even typing that number and realizing how close I am to it made me shudder!!

          Alicia said...

          Those are great goals to reach before you turn 30!! You better get started now..lol!

          Lifes-A-Blog... said...

          happy birthdayy! and i cant wait to see the happy and lovin pictures when you finally GET your son!! god bless!

          Baily Jones said...

          You are SO inspirational and I am so glad I am a new follower of your amazing blog. God Bless you and Happy New year!


          Brookie said...

          Great list, Lauren. I agree about the Locks of Love hair. I'm now on the Locks-of-Love regiment with my hair where that is just the cycle my hair has... grow very long, donate; repeat; repeat.

          It's enough variety for my head every 2-4 years. :-D

          Melinda said...

          Happy birthday...a day late!! May this year exceed all your expectations!!

          Madeleine said...

          Whoa! That is brilliant, the missions with your
          Poppie Seed store!!

          It is just so wonderful your baby is coming home soon. You just can't imagine. We will be praying as these last few weeks are the hardest.

          And hey! You are welcome to come out to Jersey in the late Spring/early summer and welcome our daughter home! :D LOL. I know it is too far, but I can't wait. Several people from our church ( actually our whole Sunday School class) want to do it. Okay so we go to a small church, but it is sweet none the less. We will see what happens.

          I already turned 30. a LONG time ago. In fact 40 has come and gone.

          But this goal list...it is a good idea. Hmm... Have to think on it, make good title for it, and then make a plan.

          Faith Imagined said...

          Great list! I have donated my hair to Locks of Love twice. My twin donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths because it only requires 8 inches instead of 10 inches.

          I am excited to see little Tucker! YAY!