{mom hair}

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks of becoming a full time mommy... and I am LOVING it! I learned one lesson real quick... long hair with a 5 month old isn't exactly working. My little man's got quite the grip and my hair doesn't stand a chance!

 So I've been rocking the messy bun every day for the last week, but I'm getting pretty sick of it.

I need to do something. The problem is that I haven't cut my hair (other than a trim) for years... it's been this length and style forever and I like it this way. Goodness, that's why it hasn't changed! But, with the addition of our son, it has come time for a haircut. That's the only solution I can come up with since I don't want to wear a bun or ponytail for the next year.

My question is -- what's your advice? I want a young look, but suitable for a mom. Here's the catch -- not TOO short or I will cry every day until it grows. (I know I know, it's just hair. But my hair is a big deal to me.)

I am leaning toward something like Gussy has, minus the bangs (cause I've tried bangs and I CAN'T rock them) ... hers is shorter than mine but still super cute... see what I mean??

If you've got pics please send the link!! I am a visual person and I really need some help! My hair dresser just came off maternity leave this week and I need to make an appt ASAP!! :):)


Kit said...

I love gussy's hair! I wish I could do that but I think that mine is too thin!

Kristin said...

My girls used to grab hold of mine too! I think you look beautiful with your messy bun though! What about a bob like Jennifer Aniston just got? It's still as long as Gussy's, but seems easy to maintain and really classy. Have you seen her new do? You can probably just google it. Whatever you decide, I know it will be beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am a new follower! I think you would look super cute with a similar hair style to Gussy!

Congrats on being a full time Mommy!!

Hope you'll check out my blog:

Darla said...

I wouldn't go too short if you are apprehensive about it. The hair thing is just a phase. Teach him not to grab it and you'll be good to go in no time. Grey still likes to try and "hang on" as you carry him, but he's sooo much better at it. If you say no no and remove his hand, he's fine. The Gussy hair does look cute, but I wouldn't change it drastically or go short if you are not going to be pleased with the look. Go with what you love! Tucker will learn fast! (although I do think you could pull it off, even with the bangs!)

Marixa said...

I also think a bob would be super cute and fun! Since you like long hair you could do a bob just above your shoulders. You could still "fix" it at that length but a bob would be easy to care for. Sorry I don't have any pics. I can't wait to see what you do!

Christie said...

I agree with it being a phase. If cutting your hair scares you dont do it. My son is pulling my hair all of the time. I do wear it up often but in different styles. Babies will pull your hair regardless of how long it is :) I had short hair with my first two kiddos and it was pulled on alot.

4 Blessings said...

I cut my hair right after we had Taylor and I totally regretted it. Shorter hair is much more work than long hair and it took so much time to fix it that I wished I had just kept the ponytail. Just my two cents.

I do love the picture of the hair style you have here of Gussy though. Can't wait to see what you decide.

PS - I LOVE seeing pics of you with your little guy!

Chris' Brooke said...

I don't have a style suggestion, but please donate your beautiful hair to locks of love!

Susan said...

Go for the cute new cut! I don't have kids, but I had longgg hair like you for 7 years. Last year I cut it off, which was super tough to do, but I donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths to make wigs for women with cancer. It helped me feel better about cutting off 8 inches! (Locks of Love requires a 10 inches, which is why I went with this one) So make life easier for you as a new mommy, and make someone with cancer super happy! :) Either way, you will look beautiful!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I think you with Gussy style hair would be great!!! Not too short not too long! :)

Love all these pictures of you and your baby boy!!!! <3

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

If you really like your long hair, I say "don't cut it".

I had long hair when all 10 of my bio. kids were babies. They learned not to pull it.

I went shorter this year than I've gone in the past 35 years. It takes MUCH more work daily to "do" my short hair, than when it was long. You need to spend your time with your little guy ... not planted in front of the mirror trying to figure out how to "do" this new hairstyle.

I think your little guy would pull your hair no matter what length. Seriously. At least with the long hair you CAN put it up when you want to.

Hope your day is BLESSED!

Laurel :)

Shelley L. Snyder said...

I don't have any suggestions for your hair...need some of my own! Just wanted to say I love the way you rock the messy bun...you really do! You're a beautiful lady, and I agree with the others who say if you don't want to cut it, then don't :o).

Jenny said...

He's so cute! I feel for you. I chopped mine off... all the way short SHORT! And I loved it. I've cut it and grown it out three times. Currently growing it. I don't know what advice to give... Gussy's is super cute, both in pics and in person, but you have to have waves to sport that look. Good luck!

Traci Michele said...

I don't ... but I think you will look cute it whatever you choose!

I love that you love being a Mommy! Enjoy every moment. So happy for you!

Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

Anonymous said...

Unless you do go really short he is still going to get a hold on it...I would't cut it I always regret it...now growing out last regret.
But, I wanted to tell you that I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award! I have so enjoyed your adoption journey. Boy, the emotional ups and downs! But I love reading your blog. Please go to my link and check out your award!


5 little (::)'s said...

Lauren, Don't cut it. I, from personal experience, even if it is Mid length....they still PULL!! It is just one of those Lovely things our children do to show that they LOVE us. =)

Future Mama said...

We are still in the process of adopting our first and I have long curly hair, so I will be so interested to see what you decide to do!!

Much love,
Future Mama

Linda said...

You are so pretty and anything would look good on you. But if Tucker tugs on it...maybe you should just pull it back in a ponytail for awhile. I'm like Kristin...I like your up-do. But as I say...whatever you decide on you will still be lovely!

Your little guy is so adorable and I am so happy for you!

God's continued blessings!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Alison said...

You will look cute no matter what! But I say don't cut it! Just keep rockin' the cute messy bun and ponytail!! :)

Lara said...

Your hair is sooo pretty! Don't cut it. This coming from someone with naturally frumpy-stringy hair. I say keep up the ponytails!

Lauren said...

I have been following your blog and so great to see Tucker so happy and healthy. I think you should do a gradual cut. My hair was so long and I cut it off and regret it so much! Maybe try something close to your shoulders and go from there.

Kim said...

Its just a short phase. And it won't last long.
But it will take forever to grow your hair back out.
If you are hesitate ... don't cut it!

Summerbaby7992 said...

Well I think you will look beautiful no matter what!

MamaMimi said...

Lemme just say, I'm a hairstylist. So on top of helping other women make this decision...I have been there myself. I caved to the "mom hair" and seriously regretted it. I hate most pics of me during my son's first several months b/c I DO NOT like myself with short hair. And although short hair is FASTER to dry...that's about the only advantage for me. Kids can still pull short hair...just you have a harder time pulling it back if need be. That being said not EVERYONE regrets the decision...but I would highly suggest wait a couple months...too much change at one time would be a LOT for you. However, if you DO decide to go ahead and take the plunge...I would suggest going to a length that hits at about the collar bone with some cute, sassy layers. That way....worse-come-to-worse you can still pull it back AND...you are at the stage that its pretty easy to grow back out again if you hate it. And if you LOVE it...taking it a couple inches shorter at your next haircut will not seem so scarey! I am honestly not trying to scare you or discourage you...just to give you my experience (and experience of other women) to help aid in your decision =) You'll look like one hot mama no matter what though =) And for the record....I'm a long hair girl too! If you were one of those gals who is constantly changing things up with your hair, my advice would be completely different =)

Laurel Lee Creativity said...

hair grows back, do something fun!!!

your baby is BEAUTIFUL

Kim said...

I learned the hard way. Don't cut your hair. There are days you will want a pony tail because you don't have time to do it. Just teach him not to pull your hair. Thump him on the hand with your index finger and firmly say no. He will get the hang of it.

Mom2many said...

Congrats on getting Tucker safely in his mommy and daddy's arms. Isn't it an awesome feeling? Prayers have been answered in a BIG way and it is a true miracle that the process was so smooth and fast....Divine intervention for sure.
I have to side with the other ladies and say rock the pony and bun just a little longer. I, too, had mommy hair regrets....repeatedly. Ugh. If you have even the slightest tinge of apprehension DON'T do it!!! You are beautiful either way and it will grow back, but you will want to adoringly look at pics of Tucker's first months home and not be distracted by hair you don't love.

suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} said...

those eyes! he is gorgeous.

i hear ya on the grabby babes and need for low maintenance hair. i've had bad experiences with bangs a TON, but now that they are thick enough, i love them. i don't even have to blow dry most days. the trick is to not have them too wispy.

much luck. at least your messy bun still manages to look gorgeous;)