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Here we go! The first of many posts highlighting how to fund an adoption when you don't make a million dollars a year! ;) I have found that the most important thing in fund raising is creating a platform... a base. For me, this turned out to be my blog. If you don't already have one (I had already been blogging for almost a year when we decided to adopt) I would highly recommend creating one. Blogger is free, and quite simple in my opinion. Wordpress is another option, just one that I don't know much about.

Here are a few things I've learned about blogging over the course of time:
When naming your blog, keep it simple and catchy. You want something that reflects what you'll be writing about, but you don't want it to be 10 sentences long. :)
Activate the followers gadget so that people can stay up to date.
Make your blog look nice. If it's visually pleasing, people will want to come back.
Keep the people informed! Write about your adoption and make a little time line for us to follow. Also, let us know how the fund raising is going now and then.

Okay, now that you have a blog there is another CRUCIAL act to complete: set up a paypal account! Once you've done this you can add a paypal button to your blog. Look to the right of this post to see what I mean. This is one thing that you really should do if you are a fund raising family. The majority of our donations have come from people clicking that button. Even people who live down the street will donate this way. Why? It's convenient. No checks or cash in the mail - just a quick click and you're done! :)

A blog helps people feel connected to you. It allows you to share your story and get the word out about adoption. It also allows others to feel like they are a part of your journey as well. A blog is the perfect place to post other fund raisers you're doing. You greatly increase your reach with a public blog. For instance, you could decided to sell t shirts and without a blog who do you sell to? Your family, friends, and maybe church family. That's great, but what if there are 50 people you've never met who would love to buy a t shirt? A blog allows you to reach a whole group of people that you would otherwise never be able to. 

Another way to fund raise with your blog is through advertising. You can offer ad pace on your blog for a small fee and make it known that all the money goes to your adoption. You'll be surprised that people are willing to pay for you to add their button to your blog! :)

If you absolutely don't want to have a blog, then I would recommend at least having a facebook page. Create a group for your adoption and use that in place of a blog. It won't be quite as effective, but it will help for sure!

For some more great tips on how to have a successful blog and grow your readership see Franchesca's tutorials here, there are also some good tips here (but I do not agree with every single one of them.) You can also find great tips and inspiration here!

That's it for today. I'm already working on another post with more great ways to raise funds! This is so exciting! :)


Allison said...

Well yay! I am feeling ahead of the game :) hahaha can't wait for more!

4 Blessings said...

So happy you are doing this for other families. Great idea.

I didn't get to comment yesterday, but we are all praying big and bold for Tucker!

Chad Emerson said...

Thanks for doing this Lauren. It's a great service for so many. It will hopefully clear the path for many.

I just wish I'd be able to join you all back at Markush to talk more about it (while eating great Italian food in Ethiopia :)

Lauren said...

Quick question about PayPal: It looks like they take 2.9% + $0.30 on every donation. Is that right? I guess it's not much, but have you seen it be a problem for y'all at all?