{for the locals...}

 *this is for my local pals - the rest of you can just look forward to more pictures in future posts! :)

Now that he's sleeping I have time to write out a few little bits about our "settling in" time. First, we are so thankful for our friends and family who have walked with us throughout this whole process and prayed, cried, and rejoiced with us. You are all so special to us and we love you!

We know that you're all so excited to meet Tucker and we are excited for that too. For the first few days we were not open to visitors other than immediate family. We needed some time to recover from jet lag and let Tucker feel a little more secure in his environment before we added new people into it. Then the three of us got sick, so we needed some time to see our doctors and let our meds take effect which extended our need for no visitors (trust me, you did not want us to share our germs!) We want to thank you for understanding and giving us space for the last two weeks.

We are finally healthy and ready for visitors! All we ask is that you would call or text us before dropping by simply so we can tell you whether or not it's a good time (we nap a lot around here!) We’ve missed you and can’t wait to see you – not to mention we’ve got the cutest little boy to introduce you to!

When you all do get to meet Tucker just be aware that we are "cocooning" which is adoption lingo for controlling his environment and working on attachment and bonding. We are already making great progress, but it's a process that will continue for a couple months. This means that for a little while we will be the only ones to hold Tucker. I know that this is so hard to read because you're aching to get your hands on him, but after 1 1/2 years of research and getting to know our boy, we really feel this is what's best for him. Talking to him, playing with him while he's on the floor, and rubbing his back while we hold him are all great ways to show your love for him while we cocoon.

We’d also like to explain that we’ll be slowly easing Tucker into public environments. We can’t wait to bring him to church and such, but will start slow with that over the next couple weeks. Large crowds are a little overwhelming to him right now. All of this is for the best interest of our son, which we know you all understand because you want the best for him too. He has been through so much hardship and loss in his 5 months and we are simply building the foundation that he unfortunately didn’t get at the start of his life. All this hard work and different approach to parenting will pay off though and soon enough he’ll be out and about just like any other little boy his age!

Thank you for understanding and for loving us and our son so much – we can’t wait to see you all and slowly get back in the swing of things!


Jamie Fitzgerald said...

I commend you for taking a stand on protecting your baby. I have my own biological children and about had a heart attack when an older lady at a place we were having dinner at touched my 10 mo old's food with her fingers!!!! I love reading your posts, it's like you've been a mom for longer than just this adoption process, he is very lucky to have you as his mama!!! Good luck while you figure each other out, it's the same with biological children and it's all about trial and error!

Anna said...

This is such a beautiful post. I hope that when others come to visit they might deliver a meal for you to enjoy too, maybe some could help with laundry or such? I had to nap for a few months afterwards which was so hard for me. (she slept through the night- I felt like I had so much to do while she was napping. I think it was my bodys way of adjusting to all the emotional parts.)You are doing such a beautiful job! I am so proud of you.....

Heather said...

I've been waiting for the green light!!!!!!! I think I should've gotten a text message or something before everyone else gets to see him!...but that's just me being greedy:-) Jason and I will be out and about Tuesday and Wednesday and we are all well so I'd love to swing by one of those days...I'll text you soon and let you know what day for sure and see if it works!! Lu you!

Clay in the Potter's Hand said...

I can't wait to see him. In some ways I feel like I've already met him because you and John have been so willing to share such wonderful details and pictures of your journey! I have been praying for you guys all the way! And will continue to pray. Parenthood is a continual journey!