{my week in review: high...low...}

Filled With Praise

My wonderful friend Amy is starting this fabulous meme today and with it... a Poppie Lane Giveaway!!! Yes, if you want to be entered to win a $20 shop credit head on over to Amy's and join in the link up! :)

My high for the week? 

Honestly, it's been partnering with our very first Poppie Lane Family -- the Ladd's!! I have been looking forward to this for months now...ever since I first realized that I could use Poppie Lane{the shop} to help others bring home their children. I am so excited that dream is finally becoming a reality and this first week has been great! In case you're not sure what I'm talking about, please read this post. 50% of all Poppie Lane profit goes to the Ladd Family's adoption fund. (Also, if you read that post you can enter to win a Poppie Lane headband!)
My low for the week? 

 This sweet boy is sick. He's been battling health issues since well before he came home, but has been doing pretty good. This week it seems like he's gotten a little worse. It's so hard to feel helpless. He's not really a big cryer, but when he wakes up not feeling good he does this little whimper that is just so heartbreaking. We're praying he feels better soon, and working on getting back into the doctor. Will you pray for his little tummy with us?

My lesson learned this week came in the form of an adorable piece of hoop art from For the Love of Joy...

"Mom's can do all things through Him who gives them strength"
based off Philippians 4:13



Victoria said...

Amen! Love it and I'm praying over your little guy's tummy...so sad. ♥

4 Blessings said...

Thank you for linking up. You are such a sweet friend.

I am so happy you are able to continue your business to help adoptive families. You and I both know how much every bit helps when fundraising.

We will continue to pray for little Tucker. Bless his heart and yours too, I know how hard it is to feel helpless.

Love the hoop and the verse...adding the word Moms is wonderful to make it personalized. Too cute.

Becca Harley said...

praying for his little tummy:(
And I love the hoop and the verse!!

Kelly said...

Poor little guy! I know it's so hard on mama when the baby is sick! Have you ever thought about trying probiotics for his tummy? Levi was having a lot of tummy issues after being on so many antibiotics and once we started him on probiotics he's gotten so much better. I just get it at the health food store and put it in his bottles. It comes in powder form and there is a specific kind for babies. Just thought I'd share what has helped our little man :) Praying very much for healing!

SA said...

I'm so sorry to hear his little tummy is hurting again! I hope he feels better soon.

We are praying - for healing, peace, comfort, and wisdom. Thank you for sharing this, as it's a beautiful thing we can all lift him (and you) up with you!!!


Kristin said...

I know your shop is going to be such a great blessing to so many people! I said a prayer for Tucker....hope he is feeling better soon! I love that art and the way the verse is worded.....so cute!

Jessica said...

I'm praying for your little man!

Critty said...

I love how you are partnering with other families to help them bring their sweet ones home.

I am so sad to hear sweet Tucker is not feeling well. Praying for him and for wisdom for y'all and the doctors that they find out what is going on soon.

Have a lovely weekend.

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, Lauren..he is soooooo cute!!!!!!!!! I will be praying for your precious son!!