Are you just dying to know who won the Riley Poppy Headbands from this giveaway? I chose the winners via random generator this morning (I know I know I said I would do it last night, but I got sleepy and forgot...woops.)

Winner #1 ... commenter 53... Bridget!! I got super excited about this one because Bridget is one of my youth group gals and lives right next door! Plus, she's going to ROCK this headband because she's so lovely! :)

Winner #2... commenter 65... Kristin @ Impatiently Wishing! I'll be sending you an email to get your address! :)

Winner #3... commenter 36... Alison @ Lovin' Much!! Okay, another super exciting winner. This lovely mama is one of my AGCI pals (AGCI is our adoption agency.) She's on the waiting list right now for an adorable little Ethiopian girl at #49! I think this headband is going to be adorable on little Caroline Faith when she comes home!


Kristin P said...

I received my headband the other day. I absolutely love it!!!! Thanks so much.