{I'm back!}

My computer got some icky virus last week so I haven't been able to blog and checking emails and such has been spotty. But we're back in business now! :)

Yesterday was *supposed* to be the last day of partnering with the Schmelzer Family but I feel like I should extend that until the end of the week since I wasn't able to get the word out for the last bit of their time. So, the last day will now be Sunday the 22nd. :) Please consider shopping Poppie Lane - 50% of the profit goes to bringing home their daughter!

I won't be announcing a new Poppie Lane Family until June 1st. The shop will still be open though! I am going to take a couple weeks to develop a summer line and make some decisions regarding the blog/shop.

I big giveaway is coming up soon and some adorable pictures of the little man- so stay tuned! ;)