Memorial Day Weekend

We had family come to town unexpectedly this weekend! My two cousins, Steve and Ryan, were here for a few days so we spent two fun filled days at the beach with them and my brother! :)

Playing with Uncle Kevin

 He loved splashing in the water and dumping the whole bucket full all over himself

 sand is a big hit too with this little guy

 I think we wore him out because he barely lasted a full minute in the car on the way home!

 home again and excited about his fun day! we repeated the whole thing the next day! :)

Today we're headed to our annual Memorial Day church picnic and then some more outdoor fun.

I want to take a moment to thank every man and woman who has ever served in the military. Thank you for your selflessness. I also want to thank each family, you sacrifice just as much and I am eternally grateful. Particularly on my heart today are my own family members who have served/are serving: 

My Father - for 28 faithful years in the US Navy. I missed you so much each time you were deployed, but I understand why and I am proud to be your daughter. 

My Grandfather - you also served in the US Navy and looked mighty handsome in that uniform too! :)

My Uncle Ron - for your continued service in the US Army and for your part in the current war. We are so thankful that you are home safe now. 

My cousin Ryan - for deciding in your youth to give your self to your country. You are leaving in the fall to start your service with the US Marine Corps. We will miss you. 

And finally, for our hundreds of friends who serve and for all of John's VMI brothers. We love you and are thankful for you every single day. 

For those who have been lost -- I think of my High School friend Mike, and several VMI friends/brothers -- we miss you and remember and honor you today. Thank you for paying the ultimate price for our freedom.


aPearantly sew said...

I love seeing pictures of your sweet little guy! He is so precious. Also, a big thank you to everyone in your family who has served our country.

Penny said...

Sweet pictures!! That little boy is just so adorable!!

MamaMimi said...

Great pictures....REALLY missing me some sunshine right now!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It look like he loves the beach!