Help bring home baby "M"

 I am so excited to introduce the 3rd Poppie Lane family!! The beautiful Sanders Family will receive 50% of all Poppie Lane profit for the month of June. I have asked Darcee to share a bit about their story so be sure to keep reading... you won't be disappointed! :)

Hi!!! We are the Sanders Family
"Our CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY story started many, many years ago. God blessed us with TWO beautiful daughters, Madison (16) and Makinzi (12)! We ABSOLUTELY LOVE being a Mommy and Daddy and wanted to continue to grow our family!! We, unfortunately, had to resort to AI and In-Vitro… This was an emotionally and financially draining process where we PRAYED and PRAYED for God to give us an answer if we should continue to pursue this path… I got a call one day, and the nurse told us that I would not be able to sustain a successful pregnancy and we would need an egg doner. DONE! God answered our prayers… NO – this is NOT the way! Years and years passed – during that time Erik would bring up the idea of adoption and I think I pretty much dismissed it… EVERY TIME!

In 2008 we headed to Nairobi, Kenya for a family made mission trip… God OPENED our EYES,
REFOCUSED them… and BROKE our hearts!!! We made another trip in 2009 and God did a WHOLE
lot more… ALL of us came home CHANGED… Madison decided she wants to be a teacher and live in
Nairobi and teach the missionary kids!! WOW!! YAY GOD! …Maybe a week or month or so after we were back Erik brought up the idea of adoption again!! I’m like… ARE YOU CRAZZZZZY! We are OLD! We are SETTLED! He asked if I would just pray about it! …I don’t know exactly when the moment was – but, God placed it on my heart too and on our girls hearts and we were NOT going to ignore it! We set out to grow our family by ADOPTING one of HIS children that doesn’t have a FAMILY to love them!! It was like God stuck an extra battery pack on our hearts and it was GO time!!!

One year, 6 months and 3 weeks ago we started the process to adopt a little girl (2 and under) or two
little girls (4 and under)! May 2nd we saw the DAUGHTER God chose for our family!! WE ARE IN LOVE!!!

May 31st we received a call that we are to appear in court on July 12th!!! Our Little “M’s” FIRST
Birthday!!!! What a celebration to HOPEFULLY (PRAYING the MOWA letter is there) hear… “SHE IS
YOURS!” on her BIRTHDAY!! God’s timing is AMAZING!!! It is SO AMAZING – and CONTINUES to be AMAZING… as I was brought to tears with the offer of partnering with Lauren at POPPIE LANE to help us fundraise to bring HOME our beautiful girl!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!"

Aren't they just a precious family!! "M" is going to come home to SO MUCH LOVE!! Please lets help get her here!!! Head on over to Poppie Lane to pick out a goodie for you or a friend! :) Keep checking back for some new summer accessories too! I'll be adding them over the weekend! :)


Darcee said...

Thank you SOooooooooooooo much for this AMAZING Opportunity to raise the funds to bring our daughter HOME! I am Honored, Humbled and SO Grateful for this AWESOME month long partnership!!! YOU ROCK!!!! XOX

MamaMimi said...

Oh we LOOOOOVVVVEEEE the Sanders family - and after meeting little "M" we know she is just going to thrive in their family!!! So excited about this!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a wonderful story! What great family!