Strawberry Picking

May - June is strawberry season here in Virginia. We are so very lucky to love near several strawberry farms and we do take full advantage! At the end of May (just before Mareto got sick) we headed out to pick strawberries...

 Mareto hung out in his stroller and watched us work...

 There were so many just ready to be plucked off the vine!

 waving to Daddy while he fills his bucket!

 "hey, where are MY strawberries?"

He didn't quite know what to do when we gave him the whole bucket!

Our little strawberry sweetie!! :)

It was such a fun day! We came home with two big buckets filled to the brim. I had grand ideas of strawberry short cake, smoothies, pie, etc... What actually ended up happening was that I made one small batch of strawberry syrup and then we devoured the rest of the strawberries just fresh out of the fridge! haha They're too good to wait! :)