weekly recap

I love Cole's Weekly Recap over at her blog Letters from Coco. It's not a link up but I thought I would join her fun by doing my own this week. :)

in one word or phrase- seeking 
I'm dreaming of you-   Samantha one-piece suit from Lime Ricki. Modesty rocks.
song on repeat
"I need a Savior" Among the Thirsty
gotta write it down
"Those who espouse sound doctrine in the church should embody selfless devotion in the world. Whatever our roles in the local body, you and I are fooling ourselves if our lives lack love for the lost or compassion for the poor." David Platt, Radical Together
lesson learned -  
If I'm going to ask God for opportunities to serve the lost and needy in my community I need to expect God to answer that prayer and be prepared so that I am not scrambling when the opportunity literally comes knocking on my door at 11pm.
highlight of the week
studying through the book of James in my morning quiet time. wow. Challenged and convicted doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.
picture to frame
essence of a lazy summer day
weekend to do list

play, nap, beach, church, more naps, more play... summer is here!


Cole said...

love the david platt quote. I'm going to start reading that book hopefully next week. Its been sitting on my night stand for a month! :/ Thanks for playing along. I would make it a linky thing but I did't think any one would play along. lol Have a great weekend!

Sarah Ann said...

Love this! And I love one-pieces. Not only are they modest, but I feel super classy in them!

Alison said...

Love that Mareto is such a beach baby!!! So cute!!! We love everything about summer too!

al said...

love that one piece! I really want to find a '60s style one. Retro and modest!

And I love that David Platt quote. I'm writing it down now.

Kristin said...

I need to get that book....I've read Radical and loved it! And my favorite book of the bible is James :) Hope you have a great weekend! I'm SO glad summer is here!!