Embrace the Camera + a couple announcements

Linking up with Emily again for another embrace the camera... I'm a day late on this one, oh well! :)

This one is from back in January on our first trip to Ethiopia. We visited one of the government orphanages for about an hour and that experience completely changed me and ignited an even greater passion in my heart for orphan care. This particular little guy in the red shirt just ran right to me and longed to be held. So we held each other for quite sometime before he got distracted by the lollipops someone brought for the kids. :) He has been on my heart ever since that day and I often think of him and pray for him. I wonder if a family has found him yet. I wonder what he will grow up to be and if he knows that he is so so loved and treasured by God. It is children like this little boy and my own precious son that leave me longing for Ethiopia and praying that I can return someday soon...

The Announcements:

-Yesterday was the last day of Poppie Lane partnering with the Sander's family and I have decided to close down the shop indefinitely. It was becoming a little hard for me to order supplies, make each item, and get to the post office to ship it all out within a reasonable time frame. I really feel the Lord leading me to let go of that area in my life for the time being (and perhaps forever.) I will be focusing more on my blog design business which is much easier because I am able to work completely from home without having to order supplies or run to the post office. It is way less time consuming and I enjoy it more. I am so excited to be able to invest in different ministries through the blog design business.

-Starting August 1st I will no longer have ads on this blog. the ads I have up now are contracted and have paid through the end of July so I will be honoring that contract, but I am not accepting any new advertisers.

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Future Mama said...

Best of luck with all the changes!! Your blog design are SO PRETTY :-)

Much love,
Future Mama

Kristin said...

Best of luck with everything. Your blog designs are amazing and I can imagine how it would be much easier to do since there are no supplies/shipping.

carissa said...

The picture is precious along with the heart behind it. I know you'll be back there one day!

Your blog designing is so cute!!!! Definitely a great job for a sahm.

Heather said...

Congrats! You will do great!