My 10 month old Baby Boy!

He's in the double digits!! How is this possible? Time is going way too fast! I'm not ready for him to be growing up... I find myself scooping him up over and over during playtime just to squeeze him and kiss his face all over. He's ready to get back on the floor to play more, but I just want to breathe his sweet baby smell in and get as many slobbery kisses as possible. I don't want to miss a single second!

So, what's our precious boy up to at 10 months? SO MUCH

  • Mareto is 26lbs and 30 inches! A big boy for sure. Everyone keeps saying he'll play football. I just smile and think to myself, "he can play whatever sport he wants... or he can play the flute... or chess... or he can be a poet, or a preacher... he can do whatever God puts in his heart to do." :)
  • Mareto has four teeth! The top two and the bottom two. There's a little gap in between the top two and it's super cute. He's learning to chew little bits of food and he looks so cute doing it.
  • He's still crawling everywhere with his own special Mareto crawl. He only lets one knee touch the ground and he pushes himself forward with the other foot. Adorable. 
  • He pulls up on everything and is cruising around all the furniture. If he gets brave enough to let go he can stand for a couple seconds before he falls on his bum. 
  • He has been eating more table food this month. Now that he has some teeth we've been giving him tiny bites of whatever we're eating. No meat yet, though. His favorite is rice... he pretty much devours it. 
  • Not a lot has changed with his sleeping. He slept all the way through the night ONCE this month. We got all excited, but he hasn't done it again. He wakes up once in the very early morning and then sleeps in pretty late for us (between 8-9am). So no complaints here!
  • The most wonderful thing (to me) that Mareto learned to do this month is say "mama"... he said it one day out of the blue and now he says it all day long. It never ceases to melt my heart. 
  • Mareto started waving "hi" and "bye". It's so stinking cute! You don't even have to wave for him to do it. All I have to do is smile really big and say "Hiii!" and he starts waving emphatically. I'll have to get it on video soon because it's so funny.
  • He learned the "n" sound this week and usually only uses it if he is frustrated. He couldn't get to a toy he wanted so he started going "neeeh neeeh!!" I laughed... then helped him. ;)
  • His hair is getting really thick! It still looks like he has a receding hairline and is patchy on the sides, but it is super thick. We've gotten all sorts of hair products to try out... some work and some don't. He always smells delicious though because most products have coconut oil in them. Yum. :)
  • He has a recent obsession with spoons. He just wants to carry a spoon around all the time. So I let him of course.
There are so many wonderful and adorable things he does all day every day that I could keep writing until my fingers were numb! He is so delightful!! Honestly, he just the most precious thing on earth. I can hardly believe I get to spend my days with him. We are so blessed.

(My friend Brittany took this last week on her phone... my camera is still broken... this was moments before a blow out diaper then ended up all over him, my arm, shirt, and shorts! haha Oh the life of a mommy!)


Amy said...

Yeah, Mareto!!! Happy 10 Months, Baby Boy!!! You are growing to be so strong and you have changes so much since the first day I saw you at Hannah's Hope! God has blessed you with wonderful parents and it is so fun watching God's goodness abound in your young life...you are a treasure!

angie @ the cellar door stories said...

happy 10 months to your darling boy!

Amy said...

These boys are growing way too fast. His measurements sound a lot like Malachi :)

Linda said...

I'm so happy for you...I can't say that enough. Your sweet little guy is just adorable.

Oh I know that thrill of hearing your baby say mama for the first time! It is just amazing!

And as a grandma, I love the first time I hear "grandma" too!

Life just can't get any better than when a child is in your arms huh? Baby kisses are the best.

Continued blessings!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Critty said...

Awww. So many wonderful things for that sweet boy. Happy 10th Month Mareto!

Oh how adorable that photo is. :)

chloƫ. said...

SO exciting! As much as I love this phase in my baby boy's life, I can't wait to hear him say mama :) Your heart must be completely melted!

Kristin said...

What a sweetie! I just loved reading all about what he's been doing.....and I love reading about how much you love being a Mommy! It's the best job in the world, huh?!