Blogs for Africa's "Triangle of Death" + a Giveaway

As you might already know, my blog design site gives 70% of each month's profit to a different ministry or organization actively working to help the needy around the world. Usually there is a specific focus on widows and orphans. Last month I was able to donate to Amazima ministries in Uganda. What a blessing! :) This month ALL profit... not just the usual 70%, but 100%  of all blog design purchases will be donated to World Vision to help them respond to the urgent needs in the horn of Africa.

I wrote a little about my feelings on the drought and subsequent food crisis/famine in East Africa in this post. It breaks my heart to look at the pictures of starving children and then look into my overflowing refrigerator and pantry. I hope it breaks yours too. But we need more than broken hearts to help these people. We need action. The horn of Africa has been referred to as the "triangle of death" because it is so susceptible to drought and famine. My deepest desire is to change that to the "triangle of HOPE." This can only happen if we who have give to those who do not have.  

 I love the way Katie Davis describes how we as Christians ought to live out the greatest commandment of loving God with all we are and loving others as ourselves... "myself doesn't want to be starving, so I don't want others to starve."

**For the month of August 100% of blog design profit L.C. Graphic Design makes will be donated to the victims of the drought and food crisis in East Africa through World Vision. To help spread the word I am giving away a pre-made template of the winners choice. To enter to win this giveaway simply share about it on your blog or facebook or both! Come back here to leave a comment with the link. That's all! Super easy! 

If you would like to simply donate rather than purchase a blog design you can do so here!

**giveaway closed**


Allison said...

I blogged and tweeted....spreading the word! Thank you for helping.