memories made

After a good night sleeping in my own bed I feel much more up to blogging! ;) It's amazing how out of the loop a week away from the computer will make you feel. So, if any of you had some super exciting news you shared this week, please leave a comment and tell me or leave the link to the post... because I can't possibly catch up! :)

So, while the east coast was having the craziest week ever - earthquakes and hurricanes - we were in the midwest enjoying a quiet and relaxing week with my grandparents. Mareto got to meet his GREAT grandparents for the first time ever!

We flew out on a Sunday afternoon. Virginia to Georgia was 1 1/2 hours and Georgia to Illinois was another 1 1/2. For those of you who know my sweet, content, and good natured little boy you will understand how shocked we were when he completely flipped out on the first flight. I mean, he had a total melt down the entire flight. Truly. We arrived in Atlanta feeling like we'd been through a war. I have no idea what happened, but shortly after take off he lost it and nothing we did worked. It wasn't his ears because he sucked his bottle until he were ascended all the way and then he lost it... in fact the only times he didn't cry were when the plane took off and descended and landed. Go figure. Thankfully there was a little girl sitting behind us on the second flight. Mareto adores other children, so he stood on my lap most of that flight and looked over the seat at her. Lots of laughing and chattering. It was a much more pleasant experience. Anyway, we finally arrived in Illinois and had a wonderful week!

Great grandparents with their first great grandchild. :)

Two of my favorite people - Grandma and my boy :)

Somewhere there is a picture of me at this age drinking out of this same fountain! :)

Showing Grandpa some videos of bringing Mareto home...

Steak 'n Shake... best ever! Why can't we have these in the South?

Zoo... I think the reflection is funny - looks like Mareto is looking at me, but it's really a monkey or something in there. :)

Yes, that's a real bird that Mareto kept trying to grab... a bit scary for this majorly overprotective mama. ;)

Carousel! We got to ride twice and Mareto mostly held on for dear life! haha

More pictures to come soon! What else happened last week? Mareto turned 11 months old!!!!!! My baby is growing up too fast! I'll have a little 11 month update soon complete with adorable pictures! :)


Darla said...

Lol! I'm lightheartedly laughing at your pain and suffering on your flights. Just so glad I am not the only one!! There is something about planes that turns sweet kids into bears. Reading it brings back the memories afresh, and I re-commit my vow, never to go visit family again. If they love me, they'll come here, right? Haha. Of course, that only works until Christmas when a temporary lapse of judgment makes me think it would be fun to go home. It really is just like going through a war!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This looks like a wonderful trip! What a great opportunity to share your little one with your family.

Kelly said...

It looks like you had so much fun!! I love the pictures of you with your grandma and grandpa - so sweet! I sure did miss you last week, but I know it's nice to get away for a break, even from blogging! We announced some big news last week - not sure if you saw it on facebook or not. http://joyfuladorations.blogspot.com/2011/08/big-news.html
God never ceases to amaze me in how our lives are completely in His control, and whatever "plans" we make, He works His sovereign will no matter what :)

{amy} said...

What a wonderful vacation! I didn't have anything too exciting last week, so you didn't miss out on much ~ just my babies starting school (5th & 7th)! I read your other post, and I'm so glad your house was spared. I'm sorry it's not the same for your parents! I hope they're able to get the repairs quickly! Do they have power yet?

Critty said...

Sounds like an absolutely amazing time. How cute is it that you and Mareto will have that same photo :) Moments captured.

Ummm we have Steak & Shakes here in Georgia? Maybe it's a state thing? That place is DELISH.

Nothing exciting happened to me last week...alas...maybe this week? :P

Brittany said...

You guys are such a beautiful family!

peter said...

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