Voices 4 the Voiceless

I am so excited to share an AWESOME organization with you today! This has been the brain child heart child of a dear friend of mine in the adoption world. It all started with the sweet face of little Teri Lynn, an orphan in Russia with Down's Syndrome. Teri Lynn doesn't have a voice. She turned 5 and was transferred from the already awful conditions of an orphanage to the deplorable conditions of an asylum. Most of these children, deemed useless by society, are neglected and usually die in the asylum. They do not have voices.

There are children like this all over the world. Orphans who have had no say in what has happened to them. They are victims and they need a voice. That's where we come in. We are their voices! If not us, then who? Who will speak up to defend these most fragile ones? So Brantley prayed about what the Lord would have her do, and it turns out he called her to something big. Voices 4 the Voiceless is a nonprofit 501-C3 organization. V4V will be involved in many different projects both locally (in America) and globally. V4V is committed to making a difference in the lives of the millions of orphans around the world - stand up and be a voice... their voice.

How can you be involved? First and foremost - pray!! Wouldn't it be incredible if the entire body of Christ were to actively and regularly pray for the orphans and ask God how he would use us? You can also commit to be a servant. Contact V4V and how how you can be used. There will be several opportunities in the future to travel or to serve right in your local community. Lastly, you can donate. V4V is strictly a volunteer based and donation run organization. Every penny is needed and prayed over how it is to be used.

I'm so excited about this incredible organization and so very blessed to be a part of it! God is on the move... will you be a part of this incredible work of the Holy Spirit? Join us!

You can follow the blog here: http://voices4thevoiceless.blogspot.com/
Check out the site here: http://www.voices4thevoiceless.org/

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