Want to help build an orphanage in Congo? Get the shirt!

Of course you do! Who would honestly say to themselves, "no, I don't care about orphans living on the street... not interested."? Not YOU! ;)

Voices 4 the Voiceless has taken on a big project... to rebuild Mama Ekoko orphanage in Kinshasha, Congo that was damaged by a storm and then stripped bare by thieves. The newly built orphanage will house 70 children. It will be an enormous project, but an enormous BLESSING to 70 little lives. Read more about Project Congo here.

So how can you help? A number of ways, actually. PRAY!!! Please pray that funds will come pouring in and that the building process goes smoothly. Aaaand - get the shirt! We just designed and ordered "Project Congo" t shirts as our first fund raiser! Wahoo! I'm super excited about this!

 (click pics to enlarge)

You can find the shirts at our Voices 4 the Voiceless store here. Right now we are offering them in gray and a pretty turquoise blue. Get one for you, the family, a friend... whoever! Help us raise awareness and spread the word! :)


Kathleen said...

Just got mine! Praying that the building goes just as "planned".

For this journey we're on... said...

Thanks for posting! :) We've sold 4 today already! Praising God for that! Hoping He will break the hearts of many so that they can SEE!

Leigh said...

woooot!!!!! love love!

Wynne Elder said...

heck yes! done and done!
I've connected with both girls at V4V and am excited to help do any small part I can! love you lauren!