we are home!

Our vacation got extended a little longer than planned by a little thing called Hurricane Irene! Yes, our flight had us returning home right in the middle of when the hurricane was hitting us the hardest - late Saturday night. So we just stayed with my grandparents for a few extra days of fun and flew home today. :)

No damage to our home thankfully. A few things were knocked off the walls from the earthquake (seriously? earthquake in Virginia??) but that was it. No hurricane damage at all! Unfortunately my parents, who live just 15 minutes away, didn't fare so well. A tree from the neighbors yard fell on their house. It took out their fence, pagoda, half the deck, part of the roof, and flattened their AC unit. The neighborhood all pulled together to clean up the tree but the damage to the house will take awhile to get fixed. They're also still without power. We are just very thankful that no one was harmed.

More on the vacation soon - for now it's time to unpack and get our weary bodies into BED! :)


Alison said...

Welcome home!! So glad that ya'll are okay! I was thinking about ya'll as we were watching (on the news) the storm head your way!

trooppetrie said...

Glad you are home and safe. we only had strong winds and a few small branches (sticks) come down. I even let the kids play in the wind early Saturday morning

Penny said...

What a crazy thing to come back to -- earthquake damage and hurricanes!! Glad y'all are safe at least!!

Behn and Meg said...

Yeah, we love it here in Lexington! We moved here 2 years ago so my husband could manage the Buena Vista library. We enjoyed 'adopting' RATS to come hang out with us in our home on Sundays after church last year and have a new RAT this year too.