Designing and Baskets for our baby!

One of the biggest challenges in adoption is the cost. It does cost a whole lotta money to bring a little one home from Ethiopia. The great news is that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and he is perfectly able to supply every cent needed for our adoption... again. :) A little more about the cost - one of the most common refrains adoptive parents hear is that it just doesn't make sense that adoption costs so much when there are SO many children in the U.S and abroad who need loving homes. I'll admit that it didn't make sense to me either until we completed our own adoption. The break down of costs really does make sense once you know where all the money is going and there really isn't a way to make adoption cost less (at least internationally - I know significantly less about domestic adoption.) For instance, did you know that 1/3 of the cost of adoption is travel expenses? Yes, it costs roughly $5,000 per trip to Ethiopia and since we have to make two trips (one for court, and one to go to the embassy and then bring our child home) it will cost us $10,000 in travel expenses alone. The other $20,000 is government fees (like FBI background checks, fingerprinting, visas, paperwork authentication, court costs, translation of paperwork, etc...), in country care of your child (food, clothing, medical costs, ect...), and then of course all the people actually doing these jobs have to be paid so there are lawyer fees and home study fees and on and on. When you really know where all the money is going it makes perfect sense that adoption has to cost this much. It's just too bad that the adoptive parents have to pay it all! haha

The great news is that even parents that don't have $30,000 stored away in a savings account CAN afford to adopt! There are many grants out there to apply to for starters. The only problem there is that they require a complete home study (which costs money) and most of the grant organizations require you to either have the referral of a child or have travel dates already. At this point in the adoption a large chunk of the money has already been paid. So, grants are GREAT for the last part of the expenses, but the first part still has to be raised.

This is where we find ourselves in this second adoption. We plan to apply for several grants when we are eligible. But, in the meantime, to complete our home study we need $1,500. Then to actually apply to our agency and get our paperwork completed to send our file over to Ethiopia to be matched with a child will cost about $6,000+. So we need to raise roughly $8,000 to get to the point of being able to be matched with our little one. This is where adopting parents have to get creative and this is where the body of Christ comes in!

We have brainstormed a couple of ideas for how to jump start our funds for this adoption. First, remember my little blog design business? L.C. Graphic Design is now in business to bring home our next child!! ALL the profit earned from my blog design business will go straight into our adoption fund! Need a cute new custom design? I would love to work with you! There are also premade templates available, or I can do a blog button, banner, shop header, ect... I also recently started offering digital files for note cards! Here are a couple cute examples...

(click the image to enlarge)

So head on over and see if there's anything that you love! Every design purchase brings us that much closer to our little one!

I'm super excited about our next fundraising venture because I think it's going to be LOADS of fun and I know you're going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It's called "Baskets of Love" and it's going to be awesome! Each month I will be giving away a HUGE gift basket. The gift baskets will be valued at over $200 and each month will have a theme. Our first Baskets of Love giveaway will start November 14th. The theme for this basket is "Gifts Galore!" It will be an enormous smorgasbord of goodies that are perfect to use as Christmas gifts or keep for yourself! ;) The giveaway will run for two weeks and then I will ship the goodies to the lucky recipient by the end of November so that it will arrive well before Christmas! A sneak peak of some of the amazing items offered in this basket...

(this awesome Hope for Korah print)

(A giftcard to the amazing Noonday store)

And SOOOO much MORE! 

Be sure you come back on November 14th to enter the giveaway! How is this going to raise money for our adoption you ask? A donation of $5 to our adoption fund gets you one entry... so $10 gets you two entries and so forth. With baskets that are of such great value it's really an awesome opportunity to have the chance to win such wonderful things for just $5!! And it's a win-win situation because even if you don't get your name drawn you have still helped bring us closer to our little one AND you'll have the chance to win an equally awesome basket the next month!


Jennifer said...

This is so wonderful! I would love to help you in your fund for the adoption. I would love to donate some appliqued burpclothes and tu-tus if you could use them in any future baskets or a giveaway.

God Bless,
Jennifer Casey

Wynne Elder said...

yeah!!!!! so excited to be a part of this!!!!

Mrs. Miller said...

Very excited for you Lauren as you guys start this process a second time.

4 Blessings said...

I love the basket idea and your notecard designs are too cute! I will have to start making my Christmas lists of who I can order those for this year.

Alison said...

Can't wait!!!

Amy said...

I know God WILL use your gifts and talents to bring home baby #2 for sure! This sounds amazing and I look forward to seeing all you have up your sleeve!

Rebekah said...

Lauren, I'd love to contribute something to another basket giveaway as well. Email me rebekah (dot) mcgee (at) gmail.com

Kristin @ The Chronicles of Kristin said...

How neat! I LOVE the ornaments!

Desiree said...

I would love to donate something for an upcoming month! Let me know if your interested at all.


Tara said...

awesome! i can't wait for november 14th! and i love your new website, too ... very cute prints!!! ♥

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

So pleased to know that you have your hearts set on adding to your family. My prayers are with you as you raise this money and move forward with the process.