The Big Switch!

I did it, yes I did! I switched over to wordpress! After lots of deliberation and asking friends who has switched from blogger to wordpress a TON of questions I just dove right in and went for it! Turns out it wasn't as scary or hard as I thought it was going to be! Thanks to some wonderful tutorials out there I was able to figure things out fairly quickly. There are so many more options for customizing my blog and I'm having tons of fun messing with it all. So please, head on over to my new place and let me know what you think...

While you're there be sure to browse through all the menu items as I've added some new things. The about me section is brand new and I have an awesome page with adoption/orphan care resources. I was able to transfer all my followers over with me but it seems that my posts aren't updating in the google news feed so I still need to figure that one out. But please come join me - I won't really be updating this blog anymore! :)


Tiffany said...

No can you please do this for me??! Or send me the links you used to figure it out??! Ha! LOVE the new site. Love, love, love it!!