*HUGE* Giveaway!!! Baskets of Love: Gifts Galore!

Today begins the VERY FIRST of the Baskets of Love giveaways!! Oh my goodness! I am sooo excited! The theme this month is "Gifts Galore!" and that title couldn't be more appropriate for this basket! There are soooo many amazing goodies that total over $350 worth of awesomeness! The very blessed winner of this basket is going to receive so many wonderful things that can either be an early Christmas gift for her/him OR a combo of goodies for them and goodies to give away as Christmas presents! Either way it's just great!

All you have to do to is enter your name into a drawing for this basket when you make a donation of $5 towards our Ethiopia Adoption. For every $5 we will put your name on the list…. so, $10 we will put your name on twice… $25 five times… and so forth. Simple right? Read all the way to the bottom to see how you can get an extra entry too!

Without anymore delay... here are the amazing items included in the Gifts Galore Basket....

Let's just start things off with a bang why don't we? Yes, that's a $50 gift card to the amazing Noonday Collection! These are just two of the amazing items (my favorite) to chose from. Check out the site to see the fun shopping you could do!

Speaking of amazing. This market tote was handmade in Uganda and the profit went toward a little girl coming to America from Uganda to receive medical care. It is totally unique and beautiful!

speaking of beautiful... my wonderful bloggy friend Kelly makes these hair pins and I think they are simply lovely! This set of 4 is included in the basket!

You all know who Lisa Leonard is right?? If you don't then you are missing out! She makes the most beautiful jewelry! This gorgeous necklace is brand new and all for you!

And speaking of people you need to know... Cole of Handmade Colectibles make the most adorable wreathes, bouquets, and accessories that you could ever imagine! AND she's featured in this month's Better Homes and Gardens magazine (my fav). You'll have so much fun shopping her store!

Christmas is right around the corner and that means the annual Christmas card/letter is too! Send yours off with creative flair - these cards are handmade and hand stamped. The colors are gorgeous and they are totally unique!
Speaking of Christmas... wouldn't this ornament look just amazing on your tree? I agree! hand painted with a small paper bead string it is one of a kind!

Hope. That word means so much to me. It means the world to millions of children around the world too. This touching print is a reminder that no matter how hard our circumstances are - there will always be hope! If these children (living on a trash dump) can smile, then so can we!
Speaking of giving hope-- the sales from this t shirt went to bring home a beautiful baby girl from Ethiopia! The message is so beautiful... a great reminder that we can all do something. We don't have to change the world, but we can do just that for one person. 

This little gift set is just the cutest!! (Makes me kinda wish I had a girl... who knows, maybe the little one we are doing this all for is a little princess!) ;) Everything is handmade is and of the BEST quality! The onsies are a large - so should fit most 9-12 month old babies. The apron is too cute for your little helper! ;) Any mama would loooove to have these for her little girl!

I love everything in this set! My dear friend Michelle sells these items to fundraise for a mission trip to Ukraine. She is so talented and creative! The coasters are so beautiful and totally durable! The hair clips/broaches are lovely!

Remember my little shop, Poppie Lane? Well, I had a bunch of Christmas accessories left over and they are ALL yours!!! My favorite is the peppermint patty stretchband! :)

You may not know this about me, but I love to quilt! I used to quilt allll the time (back when I was a housewife without a full time ministry and baby!) I don't get to quilt so much anymore for lack of time and $$ (quilting is expensive!) But I did whip up these Christmas stockings! We love them - every member of our family has one! :)

Speaking of family... have you ordered yours a hanging hearts family tree print yet? Nope - well that's okay because I'm giving one away in this basket!! If you do already have one, then you can have it made up for a friend instead! :)

Has all this just completely exhausted you?? I know I'm worn out! How about some coffee on me? ;) I wish I could sit down with each and every one of you for a long chat over a peppermint mocha. mmmm. 

Now do you see why I named this basket "Gifts Galore"?? This giveaway will be up on the blog until 11:59pm eastern time on November 27th. Then I will draw a winner and announce it on the blog on the 28th! Once I hear back I will ship all the goodies to you! YAY!! This is a WIN - WIN situation! Even if you don't win the basket you have still helped us bring our baby home AND you have the opportunity to win another basket next month! :D

After you donate……  post something about this on twitter, facebook, or your blog (better yet - all 3!)and we’ll add your name again to the list. Be sure to include this link: http://www.laurencasper.com/2011/11/14/huge-giveaway-…e-gifts-galore/ in your post so that people are directed to my new blog AND leave a comment over here with the link to your post about it! :)

If you wish for your name to be put on the list for the basket drawing without donating to our adoption just email me at laurenalexis1@gmail.com for how to do that.

If you would like to send a check just email me.

*an actual basket is not included

Special thanks to the most wonderful friends ever: Gina, Michelle, Wynne, Brantley, Kristin, Amber, Kim, Cole, and Kelly! You are all so wonderful and talented! Thank you for blessing me with your gifts!


Kristin @ The Chronicles of Kristin said...

Holy guacamole! You weren't kidding about the giveaway being huge! Man... what a great thing to give away! :) I have to tell you, I loved the note at the bottom "an actual basket is not included." hahaha I'm hoping to be able to give a little something for you all here soon. Love your heart for adoption.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

whoa! now this is a lot of goodies. i pray God will use this in mighty ways for your adoption.

My Many Moments said...

Hi! I found your blog through The Industrial Cottage. We are a family adopting from Ethiopia. We just started the process for the first time. You have a beautiful family! Now I'm off to check out your adorable blog!

My Many Moments said...

Hi again! After reading some posts I see you adopted from Ethiopia as well. My husband is a youth pastor as too. Did you go through All Gods Children? You commented on Hannnahs hope. We live in Portland and decided to go with them.
Again, adorable baby boy. I'm happy to hear 30,000 isn't insane.

peter said...

Let god give more capability to adopt more children ..! wish you all the luck!!
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virginiamae said...

So exciting reading your story! Thank you for sharing and letting us all be a part of your adoption! God bless, Virginia

MsMills said...

Wow! Bummed I missed out on this giveaway! Looks like you have a new blog so I'll have to find that and follow you!