ONE 17

Last Sunday I had the incredible opportunity to speak to the folks at Landmark Church for their first ever Orphan Sunday! Yes, they were a week early, but things were already going on this Sunday and it really just means they were ahead of the game! ;) Our dear friends Chad and Betsy (who were in Ethiopia with us to bring home their daughter Addison... Mareto's little roomie) attend Landmark Church and Chad teaches a Sunday School class there. Chad has been teaching a series called "Adoption Myth Busters." One of the myths is that adoption is just too expensive and can't be afforded. He called me to ask if I would speak on this because our family is loving proof that that is a MYTH! I was very honored and humbled to be involved (not to mention nervous when Chad told me that I would be speaking to about 600 people!) Thankfully for me the church is not local so I was able to phone it in so folks only heard my voice and saw my picture on a screen. I couldn't see them and the only voice I heard was Chad's, so I felt fairly comfortable during the actual interview. :)

That morning Chad had me share with the church how we gathered the funds for our adoption. It really does feel so miraculous and it was amazing to be reminded of that by retelling our story. In case you are new or have forgotten... we chose to step out in faith and begin the adoption process just 2 months after a major move to a new city, John's first semester in seminary and two months into his position as a youth pastor, and about 5 months before I quit my job to stay home and focus on the ministry. Yea, we weren't exactly rolling in the green. But through a TON of hard work and a little bit of creativity we were able to raise every cent of the needed funds just in time for our first trip to Ethiopia. How? Lots of prayer, yard sales, craft sales, blog sales, and Poppie Lane! remember Poppie Lane? I made fabric flower, attached them to barrettes and headbands and sold them. Yes, hair bows financed an international adoption! You know why I think that's so miraculous? Because I am nothing special and neither was Poppie Lane. It wasn't a fantastically genius idea or incredibly unique. But God doesn't need perfection or the best to do a great work... he just needs a willing heart. And that we have.

This time around we find ourselves in the same boat... or rather out of the boat and walking on water again. We are stepping out in faith to adopt again even though we don't currently have the funds to pay for it. We are acutely aware of our weaknesses and lack of ability. But we are oh so WILLING! We are willing to try, willing to work, and willing to allow God to glorify himself through another adoption journey. I'm not re-opening Poppie Lane, but I am opening a new shop!

One 17 sells graphic prints. I am excited about this not because they're so fabulous but because I know I am inadequate and I can't wait to see God work through average old me! Please go check it out and see if there's anything you like. All profit goes to bringing home our next little love from Ethiopia!

Don't forget that I also do blog/shop design over here! All profit from designs also go to bringing Mareto's little brother/sister home! :) Check out the portfolio while you're there - I've completed a couple new designs recently. :)


Jenna said...

Hi Lauren,

I'm inspired by your faith. We started our adoption process with minimal savings and have faced unexpected expense after unexpected expense so far- the Enemy is really trying his best to bring us down, but I know God will have His way! We've already had to put close to 5K on an interest free credit card in order to pay all our agency fees- we are just now sending off our dossier. I trust in God's faithfulness, but have been a little discouraged lately. I am thankful for blogs like yours that serve as a continual reminder that God surely will provide for that which he calls one to. Thanks for sharing your heart and your ideas :-)

Another obstacle we have faced thus far is lack of excitement/support from 3 out of the 4 parents- they don't understand why we are adopting when we are able to have biological children... God is softening my Dad's heart (praise Him!) and the other day I was able to show him Mareto's Gotcha Day video. He kept commenting on how very cute Mareto was :-) Anyways, just thought I'd share with you a couple ways that God is using you- thank you!

I will be praying for you guys as you step out in faith again and would appreciate your prayers as well :-)


Kristin @ The Chronicles of Kristin said...

How awesome that you were able to share your testimony like that! I love that He took your desire and skills and used them to fully fund your adoption. So awesome. What a mighty God we serve. :)

I LOVE the One 17 prints! So great! I'll have to come back over there and see about actually getting one/some. :)

carissa said...

i am so excited for you. congrats on the future baby #2!!! i love how the Lord is using you, to further His kingdom through adoption. i've always loved your designs and style, i know He will use one17 in big ways. hugs!!! again, i'm so so so happy for you, sweet mama!

Desiree said...

love it! and it is so true. we are seeing God move huge mountains with our fundraising. it is a miracle to watch :)